University of Calgary

Publications - 2004


Biomedical Ethics

Glannon, Walter

Can psychophysical identity save mental causation?

Latham, Noa in Saagua, Joao Proceedings of Mind and Action III: The Explanation of Human Interpretation

Circularity and the Legitimization of Knowledge

Habib, Allen and Kieth Lehrer in Habib, Allen Sosa and his Critics

Critical notice of Truth, Rationality and Pragmatism, by Christopher Hookway

Migotti, Mark

Decidability of quantified propositional intuitionistic logic and S4 on trees

Zach, Richard

Determinism, Randomness, and Value

Latham, Noa

From Nihilism to Nothingness: A Comparison of Nietzschean and Daoist Thought

Froese, Katrin

"Meaning and Propositional Attitudes" in W. Bright, ed., Oxford International Encyclopedia of Linguistics.Oxford University Press

Kazmi, Ali

Rawls and Feminism: What Should Feminists Make of Liberal Neutrality?

Brake, Elizabeth

Review of Bertell Ollman, Dance of the Dialectic

Ware, Robert

Rights, Obligations and Duties, and the Intersection between Law, Conventions and Morals

Baker, John

The Conceptual Geography of Restorative Justice

Baker, John

The New Newtonian Scholarship and the Fate of the Scientific Revolution

Osler, Margaret in Hutton, Sarah and Force, James E. Newtonianism: New Studies

What are Beall and Restall pluralists about?

Wyatt, Nicole

Will Kymlicka on Minority Cultures and their Entitlements

Baker, Brenda in Soeteman, Arend Pluralism and Law Vol 3: Global Problems

Women’s Eclipse: The Silenced Feminine in Nietzsche and Heidegger

Froese, Katrin
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