University of Calgary

Publications - 2005


Boyle and Locke on observation, testimony, demonstration and experience

MacIntosh, Jack

Creating Organizations and Institutions for Radical Democracy and Afterword on Radical Democracy: A Reply to Len Krimerman

Ware, Robert in Moses, Greg Radical Philosophy Today, III

Emergent Properties and the Context Objection to Reduction

Delehanty, Megan

Fatherhood and Child Support: Do Men Have a Right to Choose?

Brake, Elizabeth

Fluorescent-activated cell-sorting analysis of intracellular interferon-γ and interleukin-4 in fresh and frozen human peripheral blood T-helper cells

Kilani, R.T., Delehanty, Megan, Shankowsky, H., Ghahary, A., Scott, P. and Tredget, E.E.

In support of the ‘Good Reasons’ approach to understanding responsibility: a response to David Hodgson

Baker, Brenda

Justice and Virtue in Kant's Account of Marriage

Brake, Elizabeth

Neurobiology, Neuroimaging, and Free Will

Glannon, Walter

Self-Consciousness and Phenomenal Character

Janzen, Greg

The Gender of Nature and the Nature of Gender in Early Modern Natural Philosophy

Osler, Margaret in Zinsser, Judith P. Men, Women, and the Birthing of Modern Science

When Did Gassendi Become a Libertine?

Osler, Margaret in Brooke, John and Maclean, Ian Heterodoxy in Early Modern Science and Religion

Wild, Unforgettable Philosophy in Early Works of Walter Benjamin

Moran, Brendan
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