University of Calgary

Publications - 2007


Criteria of Identity and their Logical Form

Pedroso, Makmiller

Defining Right and Wrong in Brain Science: Essential Readings in Neuroethics

Glannon, Walter

First-order Gödel Logics

Zach, Richard, Baaz, Matthias and Preining, Norbert

Foundational Issues Concerning Taxa and Taxon Names

Ereshefsky, Marc

Marriage, Morality, and Institutional Value

Brake, Elizabeth

On Pragmatic Encroachment in Epistemology

Fantl, Jeremy and McGrath, Matthew

On Preserving

Payette, Gillman and Schotch, Peter

Perceiving Causation Via Videomicroscopy

Delehanty, Megan

Psychological Categories as Homologies: Lessons from Ethology

Ereshefsky, Marc

Report of the CAUT Ad hoc Investigatory Committee into the Situation of Professor Tom Puk, President of the Lakehead University Faculty Association

Baker, John and Gabbert, Mark

Review of Stephen Hetherington, ed., Aspects of Knowing: Epistemological Essays

Fantl, Jeremy

The pragmatics of empty names

Wyatt, Nicole

Where the Wild Things Are: Environmental Preservation and Human Nature

Ereshefsky, Marc
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