University of Calgary

Publications - 2009


Advice for Fallibilists: Put Knowledge to Work

Fantl, Jeremy and McGrath, Matthew

An Inhumanly Wise Shame

Moran, Brendan

Art and the Übermensch.

Markotic, Lorraine

Critical Study of John Hawthorne's Knowledge and Lotteries and Jason Stanley's Knowledge and Practical Interests

Fantl, Jeremy

Defining 'Health' and ‘Disease’

Ereshefsky, Marc

Descartes’s Optics: Light, The Eye, and Percption

Osler, Margaret in Broughton, Janet and Carriero, John A Companion to Descartes

Desire and Motivation in Indian Philosophy

Framarin, Christopher

Ethics and the Life of the Mind: Nietzsche's Critique of Modern Morality

Migotti, Mark

Failing to do things with words.

Wyatt, Nicole

For the Sake of Knowledge and the Love of Truth: Susan Haack Between Sacred Enthusiasm and Sophisticated Disillusionment

Migotti, Mark in de Waal, Cornelis Susan Haack: the Philosopher Replies to Critics

Freedom and Value: Freedom's Influence on Welfare and Wordly Value

Haji, Ishtiyaque

Freeing the Forces of Production (in Chinese)

Ware, Robert

Homology: Integrating Phylogeny and Development

Ereshefsky, Marc

Incompatibilism's Allure: Principal Arguments for Incompatibilism

Haji, Ishtiyaque

Knowledge in an Uncertain World

Fantl, Jeremy and McGrath, Matthew

"Marriage and Domestic Partnership," Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,

Brake, Elizabeth

Natural Kinds in Biology

Ereshefsky, Marc in Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

On Three Arguments Against Categorical Structuralism

Pedroso, Makmiller

"Openings that Close: The Paradox of Desire in Rousseau

Froese, Katrin in Mark Blackell, John Duncan and Simon Kow Rousseau and Desire

Our Brains Are not Us

Glannon, Walter

Philosophy and Its Epistemic Neuroses

Migotti, Mark

Preserving Logical Structure

Payette, Gillman in Brown, Bryson, Jennings, Ray and Schotch, Schotch On Preserving: Essays on Preservationism and Paraconsistency

Promises to the Self

Habib, Allen

"Propositions" in International Encyclopedia of Linguistics, 2nd ed., Oxford University Press

Kazmi, Ali

Responsibility, Priority, and Liver Transplantation

Glannon, Walter

Species, Taxonomy, and Systematics

Ereshefsky, Marc in Philosophy of Biology: An Anthology

Stimulating Brains, Altering Minds

Glannon, Walter

Subject-Sensitive invariantism

Fantl, Jeremy and McGrath, Matthew in Bernecker, Sven and Pritchard, Duncan Routledge Companion to Epistemology

The development of mathematical logic from Russell to Tarski: 1900-1935

Zach, Richard, Badesa, Calixto and Mancosu, Paolo in Haaparanta, Leila The History of Modern Logic

The Epistemic Function of Brain Images

Delehanty, Megan in Engstrom, Timothy and Selinger, Evan Rethinking Theories and Practices of Imaging

The Problem with Pretending: Ramanuja's Arguments Against Jivanmukti (Embodied Liberation)

Framarin, Christopher

Willing Parents: A Voluntarist Account of Parental Role Obligations

Brake, Elizabeth in Procreation and Parenthood

‘You can always come back, but you can’t come back all the way’: freedom and the past in Dylan’s recent work

Brake, Elizabeth in The Political Art of Bob Dylan (2nd ed.), ed. David Boucher and Gary Browning (Exeter: Imprint Academic, 2009): 184-206.
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