University of Calgary

Publications - 2010


Conceptual dualism with ontological monism - Comments on Esa Diaz-Leon's examination of the Phenomenal Concept Strategy

Baker, John

"Consent to Deep-Brain Stimulation for Neuropsychiatric Disorders."

Glannon, Walter

Darwin's Solution to the Species Problem

Ereshefsky, Marc

Foolish Wisdom in Benjamin's Kafka

Moran, Brendan in Möller, Hans-Georg and Wohlfart, Günter Lachen-Ost und West/Laughter-Eastern and Western Philosophies

Hard End of Life Decisions for Physicians and Family Members

Baker, John in The Price of Compassion: Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia in Canada and the United States

The book includes a selection of original essays on euthanasia and associated legislative and health care issues, together with important background material for understanding and assessing the arguments of these essays. The book explores a central strand in the debate over medically assisted death, the so called "slippery slope" argument. The focus of the book is on one particularly important aspect of the downward slope of this argument: hastening the death of those individuals who appear to be suffering greatly from their medical condition but are unable to request that we do anything about that suffering because of their diminished mental capacities. Slippery slope concerns have been raised in many countries, including Britain, the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States. This book concentrates most of its attention on the latter two countries. The editor divided the book into four parts. Part I lays out the relevant public policies in the form of legal judgments, making them the philosophical point of departure for readers. Part II discusses the ever-present slippery slope objection to assisted suicide and other forms of euthanasia. Parts III and IV examine the role of social factors and political structures in determining the morality and legalization of voluntary and non-voluntary euthanasia. These sections are especially valuable. The inclusion of a selection of papers on the relationship between the morality and legality of euthanasia and systems of health care delivery is of particular interest, especially to those who want to make statistical, legal and moral comparisons between the USA and Canada.


Is Divorce Promise-Breaking?

Brake, Elizabeth

Microbiology and the Species Problem

Ereshefsky, Marc

Minimal Marriage: What Political Liberalism Implies for Marriage Law

Brake, Elizabeth

"Neuroscience and Norms."

Glannon, Walter

Nietzsche's Nascent Laughter

Markotic, Lorraine in Möller, Hans-Georg and Wohlfart, Günter Lachen-Ost und West/Laughter-Eastern and Western Philosophies

On a naturalist theory of health: A critique

Guerrero, David

Reconfiguring the World: Nature, God, and Human Understanding from the Middle Ages to Early Modern Europe

Osler, Margaret

Report: CAUT Ad Hoc Investigatory Committee Into Academic Freedom at Canadian Mennonite University

Baker, John and Gabbert, Mark

Rev. of „Das schreibende ich”: Erzählerische Souveränität und Erzählstruktur in Ingeborg Bachmanns Roman „Malina“ by Jasmin Hambsch.

Markotic, Lorraine

The Essential Value(s) of Health: Implications for Population Health Research and Policy

Guerrero, David in McIntosh, T, Jeffery, B, Muhajarine, N and Population Health Research in Canada: New Directions and New Voices

What's Wrong with the New Biological Essentialism

Ereshefsky, Marc

Why Images?

Delehanty, Megan

Worlds and Times: NS and the Master Argument

Peter K. Schotch and Payette, Gillman
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