University of Calgary

Publications - 2011


Are Fundamental Laws Necessary or Contingent?

Latham, Noa

Art and Intoxicated Desire in Andreas-Salomé’s ‘Deviations’ (‘Eine Ausschweifung’).

Markotic, Lorraine in Hummel, Pascale Lou Andreas-Salomé, muse et apôtre

Atman, Identity, and Emanation: Arguments for a Hindu Environmental Ethic

Framarin, Christopher

Brain, Body, and Mind: Neuroethics with a Human Face

Glannon, Walter

Considerações Críticas sobre o papel do conceito de “coesão” na tese espécies –como–indivíduos de David Hull

Neto, Celso

"Diminishing and Enhancing Free Will."

Glannon, Walter

"Donation, Death, and Harm."

Glannon, Walter

Environmental Ethics and the Mahabharata: The Case of the Khandava Forest

Framarin, Christopher

Gung Ho and Cooperatives in China

Ware, Robert

In Defense of the What-It-Is-Likeness of Experience

Janzen, Greg

Infinitism and Practical Conditions on Justification

Fantl, Jeremy

Is God's Belief Requirement Rational?

Janzen, Greg

Kafka's Prophecy, with Benjamin and Agamben

Moran, Brendan

On Three Arguments Against Endurantism

Janzen, Greg

Pascal's Wager and the Nature of God

Janzen, Greg

Politics of Creative Indifference

Moran, Brendan

Rethinking Marriage: Marriage, Morality, and Law

Brake, Elizabeth

Ryle's Regress Defended

Fantl, Jeremy

Sceptical ultimism, or not so sceptical atheism?

MacIntosh, Jack

Sharing the Earth: On the Currency of Intergenerational Environmental Justice

Habib, Allen

Still Underway: Ruth Klueger's Ghosts and Doubles

Markotic, Lorraine in Michael Bohringer and Suzanne Hochreiter Zeitenwende: Oesterreichische Literatur seit dem Millennium 2000-2010.

The Value of Nature in Indian (Hindu) Traditions

Framarin, Christopher

The Vices of Ethics: The Critique of Morality in Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Daoism

Froese, Katrin in Morny Joy After Appropriation
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