University of Calgary

Publications - 2013


A Defense of Dogmatism

Fantl, Jeremy

A Humean objection to Plantinga's Quantitative Free Will Defense

Kraal, Anders

An Adverbialist-Objectualist Account of Pain

Janzen, Greg

Anxiety and Attention

Moran, Brendan in Moran, Brendan and Carlo Salzani Philosophy and Kafka

Biological individuality: the case of biofilms

Ereshefsky, Marc and Pedroso, Makmiller

"Burdens of ANH outweigh benefits in the minimally conscious state."

Glannon, Walter

"Collective Responsibility" Encyclopedia of Quality of Life Research

Ware, Robert

Consciousness and the Nonexistence of God

Janzen, Greg

Consilience, Historicity, and the Species Problem

Ereshefsky, Marc in Eds., Thompson, Paul, and Walsh, Denis Evolutionary Biology: Conceptual, Ethical, and Religious Issues

Ethics Unbound: Some Chinese and Western Perspectives on Morality

Froese, Katrin

Frankfurt Cases, Alternate Possibilities, and Prior Signs

Janzen, Greg

Humour as the Playful Sidekick to Language in the Zhuangzi

Froese, Katrin


Moran, Brendan and Carlo Salzani in Moran, Brendan and Carlo Salzani Philosophy and Kafka

Is the existence of the best possible world logically impossible?

Kraal, Anders

Nietzsche, the Gift, and the Taken for Granted.

Markotic, Lorraine in Morny Joy Women and the Gift: Beyond the Given and the All-giving.

O Estatuto Ontologico das Especies Biologicas na Sistematica Filogenetica

Neto, Celso

Originary Dwelling: A Heideggerian Theory of Hospitality- International Association for Philosophy and Literature, National University of Singapore

Reid, Walter

Philo's argument from evil in Hume's Dialogues X

Kraal, Anders

Philosophy and Kafka

Moran, Brendan and Carlo Salzani

Practical matters affect whether you know

Fantl, Jeremy and McGrath, Matthew in Steup, Matthias and Turri, John Contemporary Debates in Epistemology

"Prognosis Matters, not Diagnosis"

Glannon, Walter

"Reflections on Chinese Marxism"

Ware, Robert

Schopenhauer's Pessimism and the Unconditioned Good Revisited: A Nietzschean Response

Reid, Walter and Bronski, Miriam

Sosa on the Role of Truth in Epistemology

Fantl, Jeremy in Turri, John The Philosophy of Ernest Sosa

The aim of Russell's early logicism: A reinterpretation

Kraal, Anders

The emergence of logical formalization in the philosophy of religion

Kraal, Anders

The Mind Is Not Supersized

Janzen, Greg

"The Moral Insignificance of Death in Organ Donation"

Glannon, Walter

The Moral Standing of Animals and Plants in the Manusmṛti

Framarin, Christopher

Time, Guilt, and Philosophy

Moran, Brendan

What biofilms can teach us about individuality.

Ereshefsky, Marc and Pedroso, Makmiller in Guay and Pradeu (eds.) Individuals Across the Sciences
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