University of Calgary

Publications - 2017


Carnap's Early Metatheory: Scope and Limits

Schiemer, Georg, Zach, Richard and Reck, Erich

Constitutivism, Error, and Moral Responsibility in Bishop Butler’s Ethics

Dick, David

Do Compatibilists Need Alternative Possibilities?

Haji, Ishtiyaque

Empathy, Salient Alternatives, and Culpability

Haji, Ishtiyaque

Hedonism and Asceticism

Framarin, Christopher

How do logics explain? 

Wyatt, Nicole and Payette, Gillman

Hunter's Multi-faceted Boyle

MacIntosh, Jack
Image of Incompleteness and Computability

Incompleteness and Computability

Zach, Richard

On the Very Idea of Sex with Robots

Wyatt, Nicole and Migotti, Mark

Reflections on Obligation and Blameworthiness

Haji, Ishtiyaque

Renunciation, Pleasure, and the Good Life in the Samnyasa Upanisads

Framarin, Christopher

Review of New Reproductive Technologies and Disembodiment: Feminist and Material Resolutions by Carla Lam.

Markotic, Lorraine

Robert Boyle

MacIntosh, Jack in Anstey, Peter The Oxford Handbook of British Philosophy in the Seventeenth Century

Robert Boyle - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

MacIntosh, Jack and Anstey, Peter
Image of Sets, Logic, Computation

Sets, Logic, Computation

Zach, Richard

The Arguments of Aquinas: A Philosophical View

MacIntosh, Jack

The "Forgotten" as Epic "Vorwelt"

Moran, Brendan in Maria Margaroni, Apostolos Lampropoulus, and Christos Hadjichristos eds. Textual Layering: Contact, Historicity, Critique (Selected Papers of the Annual Conference of the IAPL)

Thinking About Nazi Atrocities Without Thinking About Nazi Atrocities: Limited Thinking as legacy in Schlink’s The Reader

Markotic, Lorraine in Murray, Scott Understanding Atrocities

Transformable Goods and the Limits of What Money Can Buy

Dick, David

Why Can't Philosophers Laugh?

Froese, Katrin
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