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H. Lorraine Radtke

  • Professor Emerita of Psychology

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My current scholarly activities include exploring (a) the experiences of mothering in the context of intimate partner abuse, (b) discourses of gender, and (c) theoretical topics in the psychology of gender (e.g., how intimate partner abuse is theorized; theories of power in the psychology of gender). I have been involved in two large empirical projects related to violence against women, one on intimate partner abuse and the other on preventing sexual assault, and continue to work on data analysis and knowledge translation for these projects. A recent interest is in women and aging. I conduct research within the framework of feminist, critical psychology, and much of this research adopts the theoretical and methodological framework of discusirve psychology.

Recent Publications

Book Chapters/Contributions - Peer Reviewed

Radtke, H.L., & Stam, H.J. (2016). A history of psychology’s complicated relationship to feminism: Theorizing difference. In S.H. Klempe & R. Smith (Eds.), Annals of Theoretical Psychology (Vol 14), Centrality of History for Theory Construction in Psychology (pp. 167-185).  New York:  Springer.

Stam, H.J., *Zverina, M., Radtke, H.L., & Babins-Wagner, R. (2016). Discourses of abuse and recovery: Talking about domestic violence and its implications for therapy.  In M. O’Reilly & J. Lester (Eds.), The Palgrave handbook of adult mental health (pp. 653-670. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Van Mens-Verhulst, J., & Radtke, L. (2011). Socio-cultural inequities in health research: What does the intersectionality framework offer? In M. Tankink & M. Vysma (Eds.). Roads and boundaries: Travels in search of (re-)connection (pp. 123-131). Diemen: AMB Publishers.

Radtke, H.L. (2011). Canadian perspectives on feminism and psychology. In A. Rutherford, R. Capdevila, V. Undurti, & I. Palmary (Eds.), Handbook of international feminisms: Perspectives on psychology, women, culture and rights (pp. 293-314). New York: Springer.

Journal Articles - Peer Reviewed

Marulanda, D., & Radtke, H.L. (2019). Men pursuing an undergraduate psychology degree: What’s masculinity got to do with it? Sex Rolesdoi:10.1007/s11199-018-0995-4

Radtke, H.L. (2018). Teaching “new” gender scholarship and qualitative inquiry:  Connecting theory, methods, and politics.  Qualitative Psychology, 5(2), 263-274. doi:10.1037/qup0000111

Tutty, L.M., Ateah, C.A., Radtke, H.L., Hampton, M., Nixon, K.L., Thurston, W., & Ursel, J.  (2017).  The complexities of intimate partner violence:  Mental health, disabilities and child abuse history for white, indigenous, and other visible minority Canadian women.  Journal of Interpersonal Violence. dot: 10.1177/088626-517741210

Nixon, K.L., Tutty, L.M., Radtke, H.L., Ateah, C.A., & Ursel, E.J. (2017). Protective strategies of mothers abused by intimate partners: Rethinking the deficit model. Violence Against Women, 23(11), 1271-1292.  doi:  10.1177/1077801216658978

Radtke, H.L. (2017).  Feminist theory in Feminism & Psychology [Part I]:  Dealing with differences and negotiating the biological.  Feminism & Psychology, 27(3), 357-377.  DOI: 10.1177/09593535177145

Senn, C.Y., Eliasziw, M., Hobden, K.L., Newby-Clark, I.R, Barata, P.C., Radtke, H.L., & Thurston, W.E.  (2017).  Secondary and two-year outcomes of a sexual assault resistance program for university women.  Psychology of Women Quarterly, 41(2), 147-162.  Doi: 10.1177/0361684317690119

Ateah, C.A., Radtke, H.L., Tutty, L.M., Nixon, K.L., & Ursel, E.J. (2016). Mothering, guiding and responding to children: A comparison of women abused and not abused by intimate partners. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.  Advance online publication.  doi:  10.1177/008260516665109

Radtke, H.L., *Young, J, & van Mens-Verhulst, J. (2016). Aging, identity and women: Constructing the third age. Women & Therapy, 39(1-2), 86-105.

Senn, C.Y., Eliasziw, M., Barata, P.C., Thurston, W.E., Newby-Clark, I.R., Radtke, H.L., & Hobden, K.L.  (2015). Efficacy of a sexual assault resistance program for university women. New England Journal of Medicine, 372(24), 2326-2335. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMsa141131

Moore, J., & Radtke, H.L. (2015). Starting ‘real’ life: Women negotiating a successful midlife single identity. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 39(3), 305-319. DOI: 10.1177/0361684315573244

Van Mens-Verhulst, J., Woertman, L., & Radtke, H.L. (2015). Faculty women as models for women students. How context matters. Studies in Higher Education, 40(7), 1164-1178.

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