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Derek Chapman

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Not currently teaching any courses.


Note: I will not be accepting applications for Graduate student positions for the fall

My primary research interests concern decision making by job applicants and employers in the personnel selection context. Within this larger framework, my research has involved examining how job applicants form impressions of organizations and how those impressions influence their job choices. For example, does the perceived fairness of a selection system influence an applicant's willingness to accept a job offer? What signals do interviewers send about their organizations based on their interviewing style? I am also interested in technology-mediated recruiting and selection systems and how the use of various technologies affects applicants and employer perceptions. To investigate these questions, I draw upon theories in Industrial and Organizational psychology and social cognition.

Additional Topics:

Person-Organization Fit

Organizational Culture
Personnel selection decision processes
Recruiting and job choice processes
Applicant reactions to selection procedures

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Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada




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