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Representative Publications

Giesbrecht, G. F., Letourneau, N., Campbell, T. S., Alberta Pregnancy Outcomes and Nutrition Study Team. (2017). Sexually dimorphic and interactive effects of prenatal maternal cortisol and psychological distress on infant cortisol reactivity. Development and Psychopathology29(3), 805-818

Rash, J. A., Toivonen, K., Robert, M., Nasr-Esfahani, M., Jarrell, J. F., & Campbell, T. S. (2017). Protocol for a placebo-controlled, within-participants crossover trial evaluating the efficacy of intranasal oxytocin to improve pain and function among women with chronic pelvic musculoskeletal pain. BMJ Open, 7(4), e014909.

Thomas, J. C., Letourneau, N., Campbell, T. S., Tomfohr-Madsen, L., & Giesbrecht, G. F. (2017). Developmental origins of infant emotion regulation: Mediation by temperamental negativity and moderation by maternal sensitivity. Developmental Psychology, 53(4), 611.

Thomas, J. C., Letourneau, N., Bryce, C. I., Campbell, T. S., & Giesbrecht, G. F. (2017). Biological embedding of perinatal social relationships in infant stress reactivity. Developmental Psychobiology, 59(4), 425-435.

Rouleau, C. R., Toivonen, K., Aggarwal, S., Arena, R., & Campbell, T. S. (2017). The association between insomnia symptoms and cardiovascular risk factors in patients who complete outpatient cardiac rehabilitation. Sleep Medicine, 32, 201-207.

Lavoie, K. L., Rash, J. A., & Campbell, T. S. (2017). Changing provider behavior in the context of chronic disease management: focus on clinical inertia. Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology, 57, 263-283.

Rouleau, C. R., King-Shier, K. M., Tomfohr-Madsen, L. M., Aggarwal, S. G., Arena, R., & Campbell, T. S. (2016). A qualitative study exploring factors that influence enrollment in outpatient cardiac rehabilitation. Disability and Rehabilitation, 1-10. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2016.1261417

Tomfohr-Madsen, L. M., Campbell, T. S., Giesbrecht, G. F., Letourneau, N. L., Carlson, L. E., Madsen, J. W., & Dimidjian, S. (2016). Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for psychological distress in pregnancy: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials17(1), 498. 

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