University of Calgary

Publications - 1995


A comparison of the personalities of accounting faculty and public accountats

Davidson, R.A. and Dalby, J. Thomas

Clomipramine therapy and behavior therapy with agoraphobic women

Johnson, D.G., Troyer, I.E., Whitsett, S.F. and Dalby, J. Thomas

Improvement in tardive dyskinesia, laterality of TD and cognition in schizophrenic patients changed form typical neuroleptics to risperidone

Williams, R., Dickson, R., Caliguri, M, Mahoney, A., Dalby, J. Thomas and Yuen, O.

Risperidone induced prolactin elevations in premenopausal women with schizophrenia

Dickson, R.A., Dalby, J. Thomas, Williams, R. and Edwards, A. L.

The clozapine experience from a family perspective

Dickson, R,A., Williams, R. and Dalby, J. Thomas
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