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Publications - 2002


Abnormal child psychology (2nd ed.).

Mash, Eric and Wolfe, DA

Activity-induced circadian clock resetting in the Syrian hamster: Effects of melatonin.

Antle, Michael, Ludgate, SA and Mistleberger, RE

Adult age differences in the time course of inhibition of return.

Castel, A., Chasteen, A., Scialfa, Charles and Pratt, J.

AEP studies of cortical maturation in normal hearing and implanted children.

Eggermont, Jos

Age and sex- related differences in temporal judgements to visual stimuli.

Brown, LN and Sainsbury, Robert

Age, skill transfer and conjunction search.

Ho, G and Scialfa, Charles

Aging effects on binocular summation in spatial interval acuity as a function of target contrast.

Gagnon, R.W.C. and Kline, Donald

Aging effects on spatial summation in hyperacuity.

Coldham, E.L. and Kline, Donald

Aging effects on the identification of digitally blurred text, scenes and faces: Evidence for optical compensation on everyday tasks in the senescent eye

Bartel, P and Kline, Donald

Analytic study to assess the visual deficits of aging drivers and the legibility of on-board intelligent transport system (its) displays.

Kline, Donald, Carid, JK, Ho, G and Dewar, RE

Applicant Reactions to Technology-Mediated Interviews: A Field Investigation.

Chapman, Derek, Uggerslev, K. and Webster, J.

Approaches to pere-to-peer learning in the adult disadvantaged population.

Katz. L., Change, E.B., Lyndon, J., Scialfa, Charles, Rezaei, C., Aizenman, C. and Kopp, G.

Assessing the legibility of on-board intelligent transport system (ITS) displays for older adults.

Ho, G., Kline, Donald, Caird, J. and Dewar, R.E.

A third-party observer’s reactions to employee mistreatment: motivational and cognitive processes in deservingness assessments.

Ellard, John and Skarlicki, D.P. in Emerging perspectives on managing organizational justice: Vol. 2. Research in social issues in management

Auditory cortical changes in hearing loss.

Eggermont, Jos

A Web-based resource for introductory courses in behavioral statistics and methodology.

Laberge, J., Johnson, B., Scialfa, Charles and Dennis, W.

Central Tinnitus.

Eggermont, Jos

Changes in cat primary auditory cortex after minor noise induced hearing loss.

Eggermont, Jos

Changes in cat primary auditory cortex after minor-to-moderate pure-tone induced hearing loss.

Seki, S and Eggermont, Jos

Circadian clock resetting by sleep deprivation without exercise in Syrian hamsters: dark pulses revisited.

Mistleberger, RE, Belcourt, J and Antle, Michael

Comparison between local field potentials and unit cluster activity in primary auditory cortex and anterior auditory field in the cat.

Norena, A and Eggermont, Jos

Comparison of local field potentials and unit cluster activity in primary auditory cortex and anterior auditory filed in the cat.

Eggermont, Jos

Conventional anticonvulsant drugs in the guinea-pig kindling model of partial seizures: Effects of acute phenobarbital, valproate, and ethosuximide

Gilbert, TH, Corley, SH and Teskey, Gordon Campbell

Development of a computerized test for US Army recruiter screening: Initial plans and concepts.

Mills, L. J., White, L. A., Bowles S. V. and Holtz, Brian

Effective Visual Presentations: Technology, Art, & Science.

Kline, Donald

Effects of noise-induced hearing loss in early age on voice-onset time representation in cat auditory cortex.

Eggermont, Jos

Enhanced epileptogenesis in S100B mice

Dyck, RH, Bogoch, II, Marks, A, Melvin, N and Teskey, Gordon Campbell

Evidence for GABA-mediated membrane potential oscillations in identified CA1 layer basket cells.

Bland, Brian

Executive Teams: Leadership Issues.

Kline, Theresa

Gates and oscillators: how to build a brain clock out of independent oscillators.

Antle, Michael, Foley, D.K. and Silver, R.

Glutamatergic cells in septum modulate hippocampal theta amplitude and movement in rats.

DeClerck, S., Bland, Brian and Oddie, S.D.

Impaired dodging in food-conflict following fimbria-fornix transection in rats: A novel hippocampal formation deficit,

Oddie, SD, Kirk, IJ, Gorney, BP, Whishaw, IQ and Bland, Brian

Instructor’s manual with test bank for Abnormal Child Psychology, second edition.

Hildyard, KL, Mash, Eric and Wolfe, DA

Interviewer Training, Structure and Focus: Effects on Interviewer Perceptions of Selection and Recruiting Efficacy.

Chapman, Derek

Just world processes in demonizing.

Ellard, John, Miller, C.D., Baumle, T.L. and Olson, J.M. in The justice motive in everyday life: Essays in Honor of Melvin Lerner

Kindling changes neural response properties and tonotopic organization of A1 in the cat.

Teskey, Gordon Campbell, Valentine, P.A. and Eggermont, J.J.

"Leap of faith: The influence of trust on perceptions of risk and evaluations of relational transgressions".

Nairn, S.L. and Boon, Susan

Longitudinal data analysis: Applications of random coefficient modeling to leadership research.

Ployhart, RE, Holtz, Brian and Bliese, PD

Maturation of cortical activity.

Eggermont, Jos

Maturation of human central auditory system activity.

Eggermont, Jos

Maturation of human central auditory system activity: Separating auditory evoked potentials by dipole source modeling.

Ponton, CW, Eggermont, Jos, Kholsa, D, Kwong, B and Don, M

Motor map expansion following repeated cortical and limbic seizures is related to synaptic potentiation.

Teskey, Gordon Campbell, Monfils, MH, Vandenberg, PM and Kleim, JA

Neural encoding: making sense of sound. Current Opinion in Otolaryngology.

Eggermont, Jos

Non-photic phase shifts require the activity of voltage-gated Na+ channels within the SCN.

Antle, Michael, Hamada, T. and Silver, R.

Older adults have better memory for location in visual search.

Scialfa, Charles, McCarley, J., Kramer, A., Wang, F. and Colcombe, A.

Recruiting as Persuasion: Making the Square Hole Appear Round and the Round Peg Feel Square.

Chapman, Derek and Jones, D.A.

Relationship between membrane potential oscillations and rhythmic discharges in identified hippocampal theta-related cells.

Bland, Brian, Konopacki, J. and Dyck, R

"Revenge: Does the presence or absence of an audience make a difference?".

Deveau, V. L. and Boon, Susan

Stimulation-induced changes in synaptic efficacy, alters the functional organization of the rat neocortical caudal forelimb area.

Teskey, Gordon Campbell, Monfils, M. H., VandenBerg, P.M. and Kleim, J.A.

Structural modeling of contrast sensitivity in adulthood

Scialfa, Charles, Kline, DW and Wood, P

Structural modeling of contrast sensitivity in adulthood.

Scialfa, C, Kline, Donald and Wood, PK

The age deficit on photopic counterphase flicker: contrast, spatial frequency and luminance effects

Culham, JC and Kline, Donald

The Influence of Videoconference Technology and Interview Structure on the Recruiting Function of the Employment Interview: A Field Experiment.

Chapman, Derek and Rowe, P.M.

The neurophysiology of auditory perception: from single-units to evoked potentials.

Eggermont, Jos and Ponton, CW

The role of sensory factors in cognitive aging research

Scialfa, Charles

Traditional versus open office design: A longitudinal field study.

Brennan, A., Chugh, J.S. and Kline, Theresa

Vestibulo-ocular, optokinetic and postural function in humans with rheumatoid arthritis.

King, Jamie, Young, Calvin Kai, Highton, John, Smith, Paul F and Darlington, Cynthia, L

Visual aging effects on the legibility of intelligent transportation system (ITS) displays.

Kline, Donald, Caird, J., Ho, G. and Dewar, R.

Web-based vs. paper-and-pencil testing: A comparison of factor structures across applicants and incumbents.

Ployhart, R. E., Weekley, J. A., Holtz, Brian and Kemp, C. F.

You’ve Got a Lot of Class: Teaching High Enrollment Courses.

Kline, Donald
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