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Publications - 2003


Age differences in the time course of inhibition of return.

Castel, A, Chasteen, A, Scialfa, Charles and Pratt, J

Age effects on simultaneous and sequential length hyperacuity.

Salamanca, M. and Kline, Donald

Aging effects on the eye and the visual system.

Kline, Donald, Gagnon, R. and Salamanca, M.

Aging Effects on the Eye and Visual System.

Kline, Donald

Aging effects on vision: impairment, variability, self-report and compensatory change.

Kline, Donald in Impact of Technology on Successful Aging

Altered zincergic innervation in FAST and SLOW kindling rat strains.

Flynn, C., Teskey, Gordon Campbell, Brown, C.E., McIntyre, D.C. and Dyck, R.H.

A Meta-Analytic Review of Determinants of Applicant Attraction to Organizations and Job Choice.

Chapman, Derek, Uggerslev, K.L., Carroll, S.A., Piasentin, K.A. and Jones, D.A.

An approach for testing and explaining differential item functioning in noncognitive measures.

Ployhart, R. E., Holtz, Brian, Viera, L. Jr. and Weekley, J. A.

Applicant Reactions to Face-to-Face and Technology-Mediated Interviews: A Field Investigation.

Chapman, Derek, Uggerslev, K.L. and Webster, J.

A Process Analysis of the Home Visitation Programs in the Capital Region Home Visitation Network up to November 30, 2002.

Wagner, H.A., Hardwick, K.H., Hornick, J.P., Moody, C.M., Boyes, Mike, Lamba, R. and Pinsent, L.

Art, Aging & the Disordered Eye.

Kline, Donald

Art Through a Changing Eye.

Kline, Donald

At the core of introductory psychology: A content analysis

Nairn, SL, Ellard, JE, Scialfa, Charles and Miller, CD

At the core of introductory psychology: A content analysis.

Nairn, S.L., Ellard, John, Scialfa, Charles and Miller, C.D.

Auditory evoked potential studies of cortical maturation in normal hearing and implanted children: correlations with changes in structure and speech perception.

Eggermont, Jos and Ponton, CW

Central Tinnitus.

Eggermont, Jos

Changes in spontaneous firing rate and neural synchrony in cat primary auditory cortex after localized tone-induced hearing loss.

Seki, S and Eggermont, Jos

Changes in spontaneous neural activity immediately after an acoustic trauma: implications for neural correlates of tinnitus.

Norena, A and Eggermont, Jos

Child psychopathology (2nd ed.).

Mash, Eric and Barkley, RA

Child psychopathology: A developmental systems perspective.

Mash, Eric and Dozois, DJP in Child psychopathology (2nd ed).

Children’s poor understanding of speech in noise reflects immaturity of auditory cortex.

Eggermont, Jos

Circadian clock resetting by arousal in Syrian hamsters: The role of stress and activity.

Webb, I., Antle, Michael, Jones, M., Weinberg, J., Pollock, M. S. and Mistlberger, R.

Circadian clock resetting by arousal in Syrian hamsters: The role of stress and activity.

Mistleberger, RE, Antle, Michael, Webb, IC, Jones, M, Weinberg, J and Pollock, MS

Circadian clock resetting by arousal in Syrian hamsters: The role of stress and activity.

Antle, Michael

Contribution of measures of executive functioning to the diagnosis of dementia.

Brooks, B.L., Weaver, L.E. and Scialfa, Charles

Correlated neural activity: epiphenomenon or part of the neural code?

Eggermont, Jos

Cortical stimulation alters and improves skilled forelimb use following a focal ischemic infarct.

Teskey, Gordon Campbell, Flynn, C., Goertzen, C.D., Monfils, M. H. and Young, N.A.

Cortical stimulation improves skilled forelimb use following a focal ischemic infarct in the rat.

Teskey, Gordon Campbell, Flynn, CD, Goertzen, CD, Monfils, MH and Young, NA

Cross-cultural differences in social anxiety and family environment in university students.

Bryceland, C. and Mash, Eric

Developmental Pathways towards crime prevention.

Boyes, Mike, Ogden, Nancy A. and Hornick, J. in Socialization and Social Development

Differential ear effects of profound unilateral deafness on the adult human central auditory system.

Kholsla, D, Ponton, CW, Eggermont, Jos, Kwong, B, Don, M and Vasama, JP

Disorders of childhood and adolescence

Mash, Eric and Wolfe, DA in Comprehensive handbook of psychology.

Dissection of auditory evoked potentials by independent component analysis.

Eggermont, Jos

DLPT5 cognitive usability, comparability, and equating study (Tech. Rep. No. 463).

Keil, CT, Dorsey, DW, Carter, GW, Holtz, Brian and Segall, DO

Early Childhood Development (ECD) Initiative: Description of ECD Programs, Evaluability Assessment and Proposal for Evaluation.

Hornick, J.P., Wagner, H.A., Gomes, J.T., Moody, C.M., Boyes, Mike, Fleming, D., Faid, P. and Hardwick, K.H.

Effect of halothane on type 2 immoblity-related theta field activity and theta-ON/theta-OFF cell discharges.

Bland, Brian, Bland C.E., Colom, L.V., Roth, S.H., DeClerk, S., Dypvik, A, Bird, J. and Deliyannides, A.

Effects of chronic administration of conventional anticonvulsant drugs in the guinea-pig kindling model of partial seizures.

Gilbert, T.H. and Teskey, Gordon Campbell

Effects of speech accent on performance ratings.

Ilic, T., Slawinski, E.B. and Kline, Theresa

Electrophysiologic evidence of neural maturation.

Eggermont, Jos

Evaluation of Healthy Families Programs in Selected Sites Across Canada.

Elnitsky, S., Hornick, J.P., Bertrand, L.D., Boyes, Mike, Wagner, H.A., Hanson, P.G. and Bradford, B.

Executive functioning and false-belief understanding in preschool children: Two tasks are harder than one.

Hala, Suzanne, Hug, S and Henderson, H

Experimental febrile convulsions in the rat and their effects on the development of kindling induced epilepsy in adulthood.

Heida, J.G., Teskey, Gordon Campbell and Pittman, Q.J.

Food- and light-entrained circadian rhythms in rats with hypocretin-2-saporin ablations of the lateral hypothalamus.

Mistleberger, RE, Antle, Michael, Kilduff, T and Jones, M


Boon, Susan and Nairn, SL

Functional requirements for commercial off-the-shelf textmining software.

Carter, GW, Dorsey, DW and Holtz, Brian

Gates and oscillators: A network model of the brain clock.

Antle, Michael, Foley, DK, Foley, NC and Silver, R

Interdisciplinary research training.

Mash, Eric

Intracellular recording and labeling of neurons in midline structures of the rat brain in vivo using sharp electrodes.

Konopacki, J., Bland, Brian and Dyck, R

Intracortical microstimulation induced changes in spectral and temporal response properties in cat auditory cortex.

Valentine, PA and Eggermont, Jos

Kindling-induced alterations in synaptic morphology of rat neocortical neurons in layer V of the caudal forelimb area.

Goertzen, C.D. and Teskey, Gordon Campbell

Kwanlin Dun Healthy Families Final Process Analysis Report.

Hanson, P.G., Hornick, J.P. and Boyes, Mike

Lay Title Analysis Toolkit (LTAT) functional requirements.

Carter, GW, Dorsey, DW and Holtz, Brian

Maturation of human central auditory system activity: The T-complex.

Tonnquist-Uhlen, I, Ponton, CW, Eggermont, Jos, Kwong, B and Don, M

Networks within the mammalian circadian clock: Organization and division of labor.

Antle, Michael

Neural changes in cat auditory cortex after a transient pure-tone trauma.

Norena, A, Tomita, M and Eggermont, Jos

Neural changes in cat auditory cortex after transient pure-tone trauma.

Eggermont, Jos

Neural correlates of an auditory after image in primary auditory cortex.

Norena, A and Eggermont, Jos

Neurogenesis of specific cell phenotypes within the hamster suprachiasmatic nucleus.

Antle, Michael and Silver, R.

Onset and steady-state spectrotemporal sensitivity of neurons in cat primary auditory cortex.

Eggermont, Jos

Oscillatory properties of CA3 pyramidal cells.

Bland, Brian

Pediatric sibling donors of successful and unsuccessful hematopoietic stem cell transplants (HSCT): A qualitative study of their psychosocial experience.

McLeod, K, Whitsett, S, Mash, Eric and Pelletier, W

Plasticity of feature-based selection in triple conjunction search

Ho, G, Siakaluk, PD and Scialfa, Charles

Recruiting Nurses into Rural Positions: Testing of Three Persuasion Techniques.

Brown, K. and Chapman, Derek

Reorganization of cortical tonotopic maps.

Eggermont, Jos

Response of the mouse circadian system to serotonin 1A/2/7 agonists in vivo: Surprisingly little.

Antle, Michael, Ogilvie, MD, Pickard, GE and Mistleberger, RE

Senescent effects on binocular summation for contrast sensitivity and spatial interval acuity.

Gagnon, R and Kline, Donald

Sensory temporal thresholds and interhemispheric transfer times in multiple sclerosis.

Brown, LN, Metz, LM and Sainsbury, Robert

Similarities in tonotopic- and correlation-map changes in cat auditory cortex following intracortical microstimulation, kindling and noise trauma.

Eggermont, Jos

Simultaneous 64 and 128 channel auditory evoked potential recordings and 3T fMRI activity in response to monaural click stimulation.

Eggermont, Jos

Simultaneous high density evoked potential recordings and 3T fMRI acquisition.

Eggermont, Jos

Strategic Leadership Competencies in the Canadian Forces.

Paquet, S., Hambley, L. and Kline, Theresa

Stress audits as a precursor to stress management workshops: An evaluation of the process.

Ormond, W., Keown-Gerrard, J. and Kline, Theresa

Synaptic efficacy in the hippocampal-medial prefrontal cortex pathway in the adult freely behaving rat following differential environmental exposure.

Young, N.A. and Teskey, Gordon Campbell

Teaching Large Classes: Success & Survival.

Kline, Donald

Teams that Lead: A Matter of Market Strategy, Leadership Skills and Executive Strength.

Kline, Theresa

Textmining product review and recommendations (Tech. Rep. No. 451)

Carter, GW, Holtz, Brian and Dorsey, DW

The automated windows task: the performance of preschool children, children with autism and children with moderate learning difficulties.

Russell, J, Hala, Suzanne and Hill, E

The breadth of attention while reading a Web page.

Scialfa, Charles

The Cortex and Tinnitus.

Eggermont, Jos

The development of expertise with applications to medical education.

Scialfa, Charles

The effects of pre-exam instruction on students' performance on an effective writing exam.

Saunders, P and Scialfa, Charles

The FAST and SLOW rat strains respond differently to cortical activation.

Teskey, Gordon Campbell

The Psychometric Properties of Scales that Assess Market Orientation and Team Leadership Skills: A Preliminary Study.

Kline, Theresa

The Use and Abuse of Power. Prepared for the Canadian Forces Leadership Institute, Kingston, Ontario.

Brennan, A., Ferris, P., Paquet, S. and Kline, Theresa

The Use of Technologies in the Recruiting, Screening, and Selection Processes for Job Candidates.

Chapman, Derek and Webster, J.


Eggermont, Jos

Tinnitus and brain plasticity.

Eggermont, Jos

Web-based and paper-and-pencil testing of applicants in a proctored setting: Are personality, biodata, and situational judgment tests comparable?

Ployhart, RE, Weekley, JA, Holtz, Brian and Kemp. CF
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