University of Calgary

Publications - 2008


A brief history of forensic psychology in Alberta

Dalby, J. Thomas

A guide to assessments that work

Hunsley, J and Mash, Eric

Altered Responses to Photic and Non-Photic Phase Shifts in 5-HT1A Receptor Knockout Mice

Smith, Victoria, Sterniczuk, Roxanne, Phillips, Catherine and Antle, Michael

Auditory cortical plasticity

Eggermont, Jos

Auditory neuropathy and auditory processing disorders

Eggermont, Jos

Banned from serving: The affect of anti-homosexual laws on Canadian military women. Poster presented at the Canadian Psychological Association 69th Annual Convention, Halifax, NS.

Moore, Jennifer, Gouliquer, L. and Poulin, C.

Bottom-up and Top-down effects in sensory processing

Eggermont, Jos

Concussions in the NHL

Dalby, J. Thomas

Domain-general categorization in 12-month-old infants

Rostad, Kristin, Poulin-Dubois, Diane, Guay, Amanda and Coutya, Julie

Enhanced plasticity in zincergic, cortical circuits following exposure to enriched environments

Nakashima, Amy and Dyck, Richard

Enhancement of photic shifts with 5-HT1A mixed agonist/antagonist NAN-190: Intra suprachiasmatic nucleus pathway.

Sterniczuk, Roxanne, Stepkowski, Alexandra, Jones, Marie and Antle, Michael

Forensic Psychology and Document Reviews

Dalby, J. Thomas and Nesca, M.

Gambling as a search for justice: Examining the role of personal relative deprivation in gambling urges and gambling behavior.

Callan, M.J., Ellard, John, Shead, N.W. and Hodgins, D.

Grandparent Health and Young Adult’s Judgments of Their Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships

Boon, Susan, Shaw, Megan J. and MacKinnon, Stacey L.

Heterosexism in the Canadian Armed Forces: Health Implications for Discharged Lesbian Service Members. 25th Qualitative Analysis Conference. Fredericton, NB.

Moore, Jennifer, Poulin, C. and Gouliquer, L.

Heterosexism in the Canadian Armed Forces: Health implications for discharged servicemembers. Paper presented at the 25th Qualitative Analysis Conference, Fredericton, NB.

Moore, Jennifer, Poulin, C. and Gouliquer, L.

High frequency stimulation of the posterior hypothalamic nucleus restores movement and reinstates striatal-hippocampal theta coherence following haloperidol-induced catalepsy.

Jackson, Jesse, Young, Calvin Kai, Hu, Bin and Bland, Brian

How gratitude fosters well-being: Profiling the grateful heart. Paper presented at the 34'th Annual Conference for the Association for Moral Education, Notre Dame, IN

Rash, Josh and Matsuba, M. K.

Increasing spectro-temporal sound density reveals an octave-based organization in cat primary auditory cortex

Eggermont, Jos, Norena, Arnaud, Gourévitch, Boris, Pienkowski, Martin and Shaw, Greg

Investigating investigators: Examining the impact of eyewitness identification evidence on student-investigators

Boyce, Melissa, Lindsay, Stephen and Brimacombe, Elizabeth

Is the body-object interaction effect attributable to the type of motor response. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 62(4), 299-300

Wellsby, M., Selzler, A., Rash, Josh, Locheed, K., Siakaluk, P. and Owen, W.

Multi-frequency stimulation disrupts spindling activity in anesthetized animals

Eggermont, Jos and Britvina, Tatiana

Non-photic phase shifting of the circadian clock: Role of ERK/MAPK pathway.

Antle, Michael, Tse, Floria, Koke, Sydney, Sterniczuk, Roxanne and Hagel, Kimberly

Plastic cortical tonotopic map changes induced by behaviorally irrelevant sound

Eggermont, Jos

Risk and resilience factors for depression in women with cancer

Ching, Laurie, Carlson, Linda and Dobson, Keith

Risk and Resilience Factors for Depression in Women With Cancer

Ching, Laurie, Carlson, Linda and Dobson, Keith in Columbus, F. Women and Depression

Role of auditory cortex in noise and drug-induced tinnitus

Eggermont, Jos

Social Facilitation of Video Game Playing

Bolton, Amanda and Fouts, Gregory

Spectro-temporal receptive fields during spindling and non-spindling epochs in cat primary auditory cortex

Eggermont, Jos and Britvina, Tatiana

Spectrotemporal sound density dependent long-term adaptation in cat primary auditory cortex

Eggermont, Jos and Gourévitch, Boris

Student-investigators' knowledge and use of the own-race bias when evaluating eyewitness identification decisions

Boyce, Melissa, Lindsay, D. S. and Brimacombe, C. A. E.

The body object-interaction effect: Does response modality play an effect. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 62(4), 318

Siakaluk, P., Owen, W. and Rash, Josh

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Auditory Cortical Plasticity

Eggermont, Jos

The influence of gender and age on mock juror decision-making

Mossiere, A. and Dalby, J. Thomas

The Influence of State and Trait Rumination on Cardiovascular Recovery from and Emotional Stressor

Key, Brenda Louise, Campbell, T.S., Bacon, S. and Gerin, W.

The neurophysiology of Hearing

Eggermont, Jos

The neuroscience of tinnitus

Eggermont, Jos

The psychology of hit and run.

Dalby, J. Thomas and Nesca, M.

There are many ways to be rich: Effects of three measures of semantic richness on word recognition

Pexman, P., Hargreaves, Ian, Siakaluk, P., Bodner, G. and Pope, J.

The role of sound in adult and developmental auditory cortical plasticity

Eggermont, Jos

The soldier’s soldier? Partners of lesbian service women in the Canadian Armed Forces. Paper presented at the Atlantic Provinces Council on the Sciences Conference, Fredericton, NB.

Moore, Jennifer, Poulin, C. and Gouliquer, L.

To be or not to be in a romantic relationship: Factors involved in relational maintenance or termination. Paper presented at the International Association of Relationship Research, Providence, RI.

Sheppard, Kenneth "Eddie", DeCourville, N. and Green, M.

Visual Behaviour And Conspicuity/Effectiveness Of Grade Crossing Elements. Report to the Transportation Development Centre Of Transport Canada, 225 pp.

Smiley, A., Kline, Donald, Caird, J.K., Smahel, Shorten, J. and Jung, G.
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