University of Calgary

Publications - 2009


Abnormal acoustic environments cause plastic changes in adult auditory cortex

Eggermont, Jos

Adjustment following relational dissolution: The impact of coping and post-dissolution relationships.

Sheppard, Kenneth "Eddie" and Boon, S. D.

Aggressive personality and the prediction of violent video game play choices

Bolton, Amanda and Fouts, Gregory

A single generalized seizure alters the amplitude, but not phase, of the circadian activity rhythm of the hamster

Smith, Victoria, Baserman, Jason, Hagel, Kimberly, Teskey, G. Campbell and Antle, Michael

Attracting Applicants through Corporate Social Responsibility: A Real World Test

Willness, C., Chapman, Derek and Jones, D.

Beyond belief: The modern denial of irrational thought.

Clark, Cameron

Beyond blame and derogation of victims: just world dynamics in everyday life.

Callan, M.J. and Ellard, John in Bobocel, D.R., Kay, A.C., Zanna, M.P. and Olson, J.M. The psychology of justice and legitimacy: The Ontario Symposium (Vol. 11)

Central auditory system correlates of tinnitus and hyperacusis

Eggermont, Jos

Central auditory system correlates of tinnitus and hyperacusis

Eggermont, Jos

Context dependence of sound encoding and non-linear frequency interactions in anesthetized cat primary auditory cortex

Eggermont, Jos

Coupling of mesoscopic brain oscillations: Recent advances in analytical and theoretical perspectives

Young, Calvin Kai and Eggermont, Jos

Coupling of theta oscillations between anterior and posterior midline cortex and with the hippocampus in freely behaving rats.

Young, Calvin Kai and McNaughton, Neil

Current Controversies in Recruiting and Selection.

Chapman, Derek

Deep brain stimulation of the posterior hypothalamic nucleus reverses akinesia in bilaterally 6-hydroxydopamine lesioned rats

Young, Calvin Kai, Koke, Sydney J., Kiss, Zelma H. and Bland, Brian

Discharged for homosexuality from the Canadian military: Health implications for lesbians. Feminism & Psychology, 19 (4), 496-516.

Poulin, C., Gouliquer, L. and Moore, Jennifer

Effectiveness of Explanation Types for Mitigating Applicant Reactions to Biodata

Daniels, C., Chapman, Derek and Willness, C.

Effects of adaptation on spectrotemporal receptive fields in primary auditory cortex

Eggermont, Jos and Pienkowski, Martin

Imaging in Audiology

Eggermont, Jos in Advanced Imaging in Biology and Medicine - Technology, Software Environments, Applications

Long-term, partially-reversible reorganization of frequency tuning in mature cat primary auditory cortex can be induced by passive exposure to moderate-level sounds

Eggermont, Jos and Pienkowski, Martin

Neonatal Medial Frontal Cortex Lesions Disrupt Circadian Activity Patterns

Phillips, Catherine, Smith, Victoria, Antle, Michael and Dyck, Richard

Partners of Canadian lesbian soldiers: Examining the military family social support system. Presented at the Canadian Psychological Association 70th Annual Convention, Montréal, QC.

Moore, Jennifer, Poulin, C. and Gouliquer, L.

Payback: An Exploration of the Parameters of Revenge in Romantic Relationships

Boon, Susan, Alibhai, Alishia M. and Deveau, Vicki L.

Physiological responses of the circadian clock to acute light exposure at night.

Antle, Michael, Smith, Victoria, Sterniczuk, Roxanne, Yamakawa, Glenn and Rakai, Brooke

Recruitment and Selection

Lievens, F. and Chapman, Derek in Wilkinson, A.,, Redman, T, Snell, S. and Bacon, N. Handbook of Human Resources

Recruitment Begins Before Recruiting Starts: Awareness Phase of Job Search

Willness, C., Chapman, Derek and Uggerslev, K

Spectro-temporal receptive fields in anesthetized cat primary auditory cortex are context dependent

Eggermont, Jos, Gourévitch, Boris, Norena, Arnaud and Shaw, Greg

The use of autobiographical knowledge in age estimation

Arbuthnott, K and Brown, Aaron Albert

Wiener-Volterra Characterization of Neurons in Primary Auditory Cortex Using Poisson-Distributed Impulse Train Inputs

Eggermont, Jos, Pienkowski, Martin and Shaw, Greg

Zinc and cortical plasticity

Nakashima, Amy and Dyck, Richard
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