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Publications - 2010


Adjustment following relational dissolution: The impact of post-dissolution communication. Poster presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Las Vegas, NV.

Sheppard, Kenneth "Eddie" and Boon, S. D.

An Examination of the Effectiveness of Collaborative Anxiety Groups in Primary Care: Outcomes for Patients and Doctors

Pusch, Dennis, Hoekstra, Tena and Ching, Laurie

An Investigation of Extreme Responding as a Mediator of Cognitive Therapy for Depression

Ching, Laurie and Dobson, Keith

Auditory cortex: the final frontier

Eggermont, Jos in Computational Models of the Auditory System

Auditory Plasticity and Tinnitus

Eggermont, Jos

Characterization of the 3xTg-AD mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease: Part 1. Circadian changes.

Sterniczuk, Roxanne, Dyck, Richard, LaFerla, Frank and Antle, Michael

Characterization of the 3xTg- AD mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease: Part 2. Behavioral and cognitive changes.

Sterniczuk, Roxanne, Antle, Michael, LaFerla, Frank and Dyck, Richard

Coping in response to the breakup of non-marital romantic relationships. Poster presented at the Canadian Psychological Association, Winnipeg, MB.

Sheppard, Kenneth "Eddie" and Boon, S. D.

Domain-general categorization in infancy: Evidence for top-down development?

Yott, Jessica, Rostad, Kristin and Poulin-Dubois, Diane

Dynamic, experience-dependent modulation of synaptic zinc within the excitatory synapses of the mouse barrel cortex

Nakashima, Amy and Dyck, Richard

Experience-dependent regulation of vesicular zinc in male and female 3xTg-AD mice

Nakashima, Amy, Oddo, S, LaFerla, FM and Dyck, Richard

Health consequences of institutional discrimination: Gay men serving in the pre-1992 Canadian Armed Forces. Canadian Psychological Association 71st Annual Convention. Winnipeg, MB.

Moore, Jennifer, Gouliquer, L. and Poulin, C.

Hearing loss and auditory plasticity

Eggermont, Jos

Indigenous youth suicide: A systematic review of the literature. Paper presented at the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP) 2010 national conference, Halifax, NS.

Rash, Josh, Harder, H., Holyk, T., Jovel, E. and Harder, K.

Intermittent exposure of mature animals to moderate-level, bandlimited sound can impair central auditory function without producing peripheral hearing loss.

Eggermont, Jos and Pienkowski, Martin

Investigating the role of substance P in photic responses of the circadian system: Individual and combined actions with gastrin-releasing peptide.

Sterniczuk, Roxanne, Colijn, Mark, Nunez, Maria and Antle, Michael

Markers of relationship success and failure: Perceived superiority in intimates’ beliefs about the qualities that “make or break” dating relationships. Paper presented at the Canadian Psychological Association, Winnipeg, MB.

Sheppard, Kenneth "Eddie", Boon, S. D. and Alibhai, A. M.

Maximum decoding abilities of temporal patterns and synchronized firings: application to auditory neurons responding to click trains and amplitude modulated white noise

Eggermont, Jos and Gourévitch, Boris

Neural Mechanisms of Tinnitus

Eggermont, Jos

Neural synchrony and neural plasticity in tinnitus and in normal hearing

Eggermont, Jos

Nonlinear Cross-Frequency Interactions in Primary Auditory Cortex Spectrotemporal Receptive Fields: A Wiener-Volterra Analysis

Eggermont, Jos and Pienkowski, Martin

Pair-correlation in the time and frequency domain

Eggermont, Jos in Analysis of parallel spike trains

Passive exposure of adult cats to moderate-level tone pip ensembles differentially decreases AI and AII responsiveness in the exposure frequency range

Eggermont, Jos and Pienkowski, Martin

Perceptions of Justice in the Decision to Seek Revenge in Romantic Relationships. Poster presented at the International Society for Justice Research, Banff, AB.

Sheppard, Kenneth "Eddie" and Boon, S. D.

Phenotype and function of raphe projections to the suprachiasmatic nucleus

Yamakawa, Glenn and Antle, Michael

Ringing Ears: The Neuroscience of Tinnitus

Eggermont, Jos, Roberts, Larry, Caspary, Don, Shore, Susan, Melcher, Jennifer and Kaltenbach, James

Serotonergic potentiation of photic phase shifts: examination of receptor contributions and early biochemical/molecular events

Smith, Victoria, Hagel, Kimberly and Antle, Michael

Some insults are easier to detect: The embodied insult detection effect

Wellsby, Michele, Siakaluk, P. D., Pexman, P. M. and Owen, W. J.

The Effects of Inducing a Negative Mood on State Rumination

Wershler, Julie, Ching, Laurie and Dobson, Keith

The experience of unforgiveness

Ross, Rachel and Boon, Susan

The role of gaze direction and mutual exclusivity in guiding 24-month-olds' word mappings.

Graham, Susan Anne, Nilsen, Elizabeth, Owens, Sarah and Olineck, Kara

The role of neural synchrony in Tinnitus.

Eggermont, Jos

The State of Employment of Persons with Disabilities: A Systematic Review of the Literature. Paper presented at the International Forum on Disability Management: Collaborating for Success. Los Angeles, California

Harder, H., Rash, Josh, Nelson, S. and Deuchert, E.


Eggermont, Jos in The Oxford Handbook of Auditory Science. Volume 2. The Auditory Brain.

Tinnitus: Processing of phantom sound

Eggermont, Jos in Encyclopedia of Behavioural Neuroscience, vol 3

Victim Impact statements: Alberta lawyers' perspectives

Bateman, A. L. and Dalby, J. Thomas

Where in the brain is tinnitus?

Eggermont, Jos
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