University of Calgary

Publications - 2011


Adult auditory cortical plasticity

Eggermont, Jos

Age-Related Differences in Guessing on Free and Forced Recall Tests

Huff, Mark, Meade, M. L. and Hutchison, K. A.

A lexical approach to identifying organiza- tional identity factors.

Chapman, Derek and Reeves, Paige

An attributional account of the production effect in a list-discrimination task.

Bodner, Glen and Taikh, Alexander

An exploratory study of eating disorder psychopathology among Overeaters Anonymous members

von Ranson, Kristin, Russell-Mayhew, Shelly and Masson, Philip

A taste of their own medicine: Reflections on the costs and benefits of exacting romantic revenge

Boon, Susan, Alibhai, Alishia and Deveau, Vicki

Comparison of LFP-based and spike-based spectro-temporal receptive fields and neural synchrony in cat primary auditory cortex

Eggermont, Jos, Munguia, Raymundo, Pienkowski, Martin and Shaw, Greg

Context Dependence of Spectrotemporal Receptive Fields with Implications for Neural Coding

Eggermont, Jos

Cortical reorganization and reduced efficiency of visual word recognition in right temporal lobe epilepsy: a functional MRI study.

Jensen, E., Hargreaves, Ian, Bass, A., Pexman, P. M., Goodyear, B. G. and Federico, P.

For better or for worse? An examination of stress-related growth and distress following relational dissolution. Poster submitted for presentation at the Canadian Psychological Association, Toronto, ON.

Sheppard, Kenneth "Eddie", Boon, S. D., Lowden, S. and Gorham, M.

Gratitude and well-being: Who benefits most from a gratitude intervention?

Rash, Josh, Matsuba, K and Prkachin, K

Health Psychology – Opportunity and Challenge in Interprofessional Practice

Campbell, T. S., Rash, Josh and Bacon, S.

Maternal infanticide following traumatic childbirth: A case study

Nesca, M. and Dalby, J. Thomas

Personality and Culture Fit: Reducing Turnover Through Person-Organization Fit

Chapman, Derek

Population coding in auditory cortex

Eggermont, Jos

Predicting appraisals of romantic revenge: The roles of honesty-humility, agreeableness, and vengefulness

Sheppard, K. Edwin and Boon, Susan

Predictors of negative attitude toward mental health services: A general population study in Japan.

Yamawaki, Niwako, Pulsipher, Chris, Moses, Jamie, Rasmussen, Kyler and Ringger, Kyle

Quality of Post-Dissolution Relationships Mediates the Effect of Attachment Anxiety on Forgiveness Following Relational Dissolution. Poster submitted for presentation at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, San Antonio, TX.

Sheppard, Kenneth "Eddie" and Boon. S. D.

Reading words aloud makes them more... or less memorable.

Bodner, Glen and Taikh, Alexander

Reading words aloud makes them more... or less memorable.

Taikh, Alexander and Bodner, Glen

Respiratory sinus arrhythmia during episodes of relived sadness: The role of emotional intelligence and affect intensity. American Psychosomatic Society Meeting Abstracts, 73(3), A-67

Rash, Josh and Prkachin, K

Saying words aloud makes them more... or less memorable.

Taikh, Alexander and Bodner, Glen

Temporal Coding in Auditory Cortex

Eggermont, Jos and Wang, Xiaoqin in The Auditory Cortex

Temporal processing performance, reading performance, and auditory processing disorder in learning-impaired children and controls.

Walker, K. M. M., Brown, D. K., Scarff, C., Watson, C., Muir, Pat and Phillips, D. P.

The Effects of Initial Recall Testing on Misinformation in the Social Contagion Paradigm

Huff, Mark, Davis, S. D. and Meade, M. L.

The Effects of Mediated Word Lists on False Recall and Recognition

Huff, Mark and Hutchison, K. A.

Tolerating ambiguity: Ambiguous words recruit the left inferior frontal gyrus in absence of a behavioural effect.

Hargreaves, Ian, Pexman, P., Pittman, D. and Goodyear, B.

Toward a theory of intimacy. Paper presented at the 14th Annual Conference for the International Society for Theoretical Psychology, Thessaloniki, GR.

Moore, Jennifer and Radtke, H. Lorraine

Vagueness, logic and use: Four experimental studies on vagueness.

Serchuk, P., Hargreaves, Ian and Zach, R.
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