University of Calgary

Publications - 2013


Can games be entertaining and beneficial? A look at Whack-a-Mole as a cognitive training tool.

Belchev, Zornitza and Graf, Peter

Considering the consequences of revenge: The effectiveness and costliness of getting even.

Rasmussen, Kyler and Boon, Susan

Forensic interviewing in criminal court matters: A guide for clinicians.

Nesca, M. and Dalby, J. Thomas

Gamifying the Employee Recruitment Process

Chow, Sam and Chapman, Derek

Gamifying the Recruitment Process

Chow, Sam and Chapman, Derek

Irreducibly human encounters: Therapeutic alliance and treatment outcome in child and adolescent psychotherapy.

Clark, Cameron

Oxytocin and pain: A review and synthesis of the literature

Rash, Josh, Aguirre-Camacho, Aldo and Campbell, Tavis

Predicting Voluntary Turnover with Culture,Employee Values and Their Congruence.

Chapman, Derek and Mayers, David

The effects of initial testing on false recall and false recognition in the social contagion of memory paradigm

Huff, Mark, Davis, S. D. and Meade, M. L.

Understanding and preventing unintentional injuries: An evidence-based model outlining factors that influence children's risk taking

Morrongiello, Barbara, Corbett, Michael and Switzer, Jessica in Jean-Pascal Assailly The Psychology of Risk-Taking

Vengeful decisions: The role of perceived effectiveness and costliness of revenge.

Rasmussen, Kyler

When you are anxious, pain is taken more seriously

Rash, Josh, Prkachin, Kenneth and Campbell, Tavis
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