University of Calgary

Publications - 2015


A Novel Approach to Employee Recruitment: Gamification

Chow, Sam and Chapman, Derek

Implusivity, gambling cognitions, and the gambler's fallacy in university students

Marmurek, Harvey, Switzer, Jessica and D'Alvise, Joshua

Maintained directional navigation across environments in the Morris water task is dependent on vestibular cues

Clark, Benjamin J, Hong, Nancy S, Bettenson, Dennis J, Woolford, Jamie, Horwood, Lewis and McDonald, Robert J

Observer trait anxiety is associated with response bias to patient facial pain expression independent of pain catastrophizing

Rash, Josh, Prkachin, K. M. and Campbell, T. S.

Predictors and effects of class attendance and home practice of yoga and meditation among breast cancer survivors in a Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery (MBCR) program.

Tamagawa, R., Speca, M., Doll, R., Pickering, B., Savage, Linette and Carlson, L.E.

Prosodic differences between declaratives and interrogatives in infant-directed speech.

Geffen, Susan and Mintz, Toben H.

Psychosocial treatments for schizophrenia: An evaluation of theoretically divergent treatment paradigms, and their efficacy.

Clark, Cameron

Starting 'real' life: Women negotiating a midlife single identity.

Moore, Jennifer and Radtke, H. Lorraine

The association between insomnia symptoms and mood changes during exercise among patients enrolled in cardiac rehabilitation

Rouleau, Codie, Horsley, K.J., Morse, E., Aggarwal, S., Bacon, S. L. and Campbell, Tavis

Time Course of Action Representations Evoked During Sentence Comprehension

Heard, Alison, Masson, Michael and Bub, Daniel

Using a virtual environment to study pedestrian behaviors: How does time pressure affect children's and adults' street crossing behaviors?

Morrongiello, Barbara, Corbett, Michael, Switzer, Jessica and Hall, Tom

What’s in a Name? Sound Symbolism and Gender in First Names

Sidhu, David and Pexman, Penny

Writing Reports for Court: An international guide for psychologists who work in the criminal jurisdiction.

White, J.,, Hackett, L., Day, A., and Dalby, J. Thomas

Psychologists are increasingly being asked to give evidence in court as expert witnesses, yet for some it can be a harrowing experience. Writing Reports for Court provides essential support for psychologists when preparing a court report and giving evidence.

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