University of Calgary

Publications - 2016


Accommodating complexity: Adapting accommodation theory to capture responses to discrete acts of harm.

Rasmussen, Kyler

A Prime Example of the Maluma/Takete Effect? Testing for Sound-Symbolic Priming

Sidhu, David and Pexman, Penny

Effects of Emotional Experience in Lexical Decision

Siakaluk, Paul, Newcombe, Ian, Duffels, Brian, Li, Eliza, Sidhu, David, Yap, Melvin and Pexman, Penny

From the Bob/Kirk effect to the Benoit/Éric effect: Testing the mechanism of name sound symbolism in two languages

Sidhu, David, Pexman, Penny and Saint-Aubin, Jean

Is More Always Better for Verbs? Semantic Richness Effects and Verb Meaning

Sidhu, David, Heard, Alison and Pexman, Penny

Is Moving More Memorable than Proving? Effects of Embodiment and Imagined Enactment on Verb Memory

Sidhu, David and Pexman, Penny

The Calgary semantic decision project: concrete/abstract decision data for 10,000 English words

Penny M Pexman, Heard, Alison, Ellen Lloyd and Melvin J Yap
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