University of Calgary

SPAN 508.2 - Topics in Hispanic Linguistics and Language Teaching (Spanish Pragmatics) - Winter 2024

Theoretical and/or applied analysis of one or more of the following components of the Spanish language: morphology, syntax, phonology/phonetics, semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, history. An introduction to Spanish as a second language teaching, and assessment.
This course may be repeated for credit.


  • (3-0)


  • Spanish 405 and 9 units in courses labelled Spanish at the 400 level.


  • Credit for Spanish 508 and any of 599.01 (History Of The Spanish Language), 599.03 (Tech in Foreign Lang Classroom), 599.09 (Bilinguialism & Lang Contact), 599.11 (Neuvas technol-analisis ling), 599.19 (Phonetic Analysis), 599.27 (Spanish Sociolinguistics), 599.29 (Herencia e identidad), 599.30 (Spanish Contact & Change) or 599.34 (Res Meth in Hispan Ling) will not be allowed.


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