University of Calgary

SPAN 575.4 - Topics in Spanish Literature and Culture (Don Quijote de la Mancha) - Winter 2024

Reading and analysis of the literature and culture of Spain. Topics may be defined by genre, authors, movements, or themes.
This course may be repeated for credit.


  • (3-0)


  • Spanish 405 and 9 units in courses labelled Spanish at the 400 level.


  • Credit for Spanish 575 and any of 563, 567, 571, 581, 583, 599.16 (Spanish-Jewish Lit of Exile), 599.20 (Poesía esp del siglo de oro), 599.22 (La Celestina), 599.24 (16 cen Span scien and lit) or 599.25 (16th C Literary Masterpieces) will not be allowed.


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