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Mushegh Asatryan

  • Associate Professor
  • Div Chair - ALMC/GerStudy/Russ

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Winter 2018

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Not currently teaching any courses.


I am interested in the religious, social, and intellectual history of the pre-modern Muslim Middle East.  In particular, I work on in medieval Muslim constructions of heresy and orthodoxy, sectarianism, and the politics of religious polemics. I have published on early Shiism and Muslim sectarian and polemical literature. 

In collaboration with Dr. David Hollenberg, I am currently preparing a critical edition and study of  a major theological treatise from 11th century Syria. Our work is supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).  I am also working on a translation and study of Mu'tazili theologian al-Khayyat's Kitab al-Intisar, an important early Muslim theological-polemical text (under contract with Gorgias Press). 

 I am also interested in the history of the discipline of Religious Studies in general, and Islamic Studies in particular, as practiced in Euro-American academia in the last two centuries. I have recently published an article critically exploring Western scholarship on Shi'ism. 




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