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Hortensia Barrios

  • Master's Student

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.

About me:

Through the study of languages, I have met many unique people with compelling stories of loss and resilience, stories that are often unheard or forgotten. Stories make us who we are and situate us in time and space— giving us a voice, connecting us with our communities, deconstructing stereotypes, and initiating changes.  My research focuses on understanding the ways immigrants construct their multiple selves in socio-cultural situations through the instrumentality of language.  I engage in research that can lead to purposeful contributions to the public good through collaborative, action-oriented, and creative forms of scholarship.

I have been awarded the Joyce M Valdes Scholarship, Dorothy Z Baker Library Fellow Scholarship Award, John P, McGovern Library Scholars Award, Dean’s Entrance Graduate Scholarship, an Outstanding Volunteer Service Recognition by the State of Texas, and the Innovation Untold Award in the category of Innovation in Communication.

I hold a BA in International Studies (Universidad Central de Venezuela), BA PB English Linguistics (University of Houston) and BA PB Spanish Literature (University of Houston).

Current Studies

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