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Kody Tufts

  • Master's Student
  • Graduate Assistant-Teaching

About me:

I am a second-year MA student of linguistics. In my research, I look forward to learning more about morphology, that part of our linguistic knowledge related to the internal structure of words, and their systematic variation in form and meaning. I am excited to continue research begun as an undergrad (at the University of Calgary) on the complex verbal morphology of the Dene language family. I look forward also, to continuing to learn about the role I can play as a linguist in supporting language revitalization efforts.  

I have previously completed a BA in political science at the University of Calgary (2010) with a minor in the Japanese language. After spending a year abroad as a language teacher in Japan and several years in the logistics industry, I decided to return to school to pursue my interest in language, completing a BA Honours in linguistics in 2020.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family (wife and young daughter), going for strolls in the great outdoors and all the usual things (music, reading, film etc.). I’ve also recently taken an interest in becoming less abysmal at cooking.

Photograph of Kody Tufts

Current Studies

  • Master's Student
    Degree: Master of Arts
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