University of Calgary

Research Interests

NameResearch Interests
Photograph of Ozouf Sénamin AmedegnatoOzouf Sénamin AmedegnatoSecond Language Teaching, Linguistics-Literature Interface, Émile Benveniste, Sociolinguistics
Photograph of Mushegh AsatryanMushegh AsatryanIslamic history, Interface between religion, culture, and society, Religious, cultural, and social history of the medieval Islamic Middle East, Shi'ism
Photograph of Angeliki AthanasopoulouAngeliki AthanasopoulouLanguage Acquisition, Phonology, Phonetics
Photograph of Eyup BacanliEyup BacanliLanguage contact, Morphology, Typology of Turkic languages, Functional grammar
Photograph of Marie-Andrée BergeronMarie-Andrée BergeronQuébec Literature ; Intellectual history of feminism ; Discourse analysis ; Non- fiction prose ; Women's literature
Photograph of Nayibe Bermúdez BarriosNayibe Bermúdez BarriosTransnationalism, neocolonialism, diaspora studies, Gender, Performance studies, graphic novels, comics, telenovelas and TV series, material culture, modes of representation, genre, Latin American cinemas, transnationalism, co-productions, adaptation and remakes, industrial agents, auterism and celebrity studies, gender and ethnicity studies, Literatures of Latin America, genre, affect, space
Photograph of Heather BlissHeather BlissIndigenous language revitalization, Indigenous language documentation
Photograph of Elena BratishenkoElena BratishenkoSlavic historical linguistics, Analogy in language change, Cognitive linguistics
Photograph of Kenneth BrownKenneth BrownSpanish Golden-Age Literature; Catalan Baroque Literature; Sephardic Studies; Textual Criticism.
Photograph of Cornelia BurianCornelia BurianAnimal Studies, Women's Studies, Film Studies, Film in the Third Reich, German Cultural History, German Cultural Studies, Gender Studies and History of Sexuality, Creative Writing, German Literature and Culture
Photograph of Francesca CadelFrancesca CadelFascism and Literature, Cultural and Mediterranean Studies, Twentieth Century Italian Poetry, Italian Language and Culture
Photograph of Wei CaiWei CaiLanguage Teaching Materials Development, Second Language Listening, Second Language Acquisition, Vocabulary Acquisition
Photograph of Susanne CarrollSusanne CarrollSecond Language Acquisition (selected topics in syntax and semantics), First Language Acquisition (selected topics in syntax & semantics), Applied Linguistics Research Methods (Languages researched: English, French, German), Language Processing
Photograph of Hanna ChuchvahaHanna ChuchvahaThe Russian Empire, imperialism and decolonization, Russian literature, art and culture, Slavic studies, Word and Image, Cultural studies, East European art, design and visual culture, Print culture, 19th and early 20th century Russian literature, Long 19th Century, Women's Studies
Photograph of Mark ConliffeMark ConliffeRussian Culture, Russian Language, 19th and early 20th century Russian literature
Photograph of Suzanne CurtinSuzanne CurtinPhonology, Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, First language acquisition/psycholinguistics, Speech
Photograph of Michael DabrowskiMichael DabrowskiSecond Language Acquisition and Teaching, Spanish Language Instruction, Peer Teaching Approaches, Border Culture Studies, Distance Education, Computer Assisted Language Learning, Open Education, Voice Recognition
Photograph of Adam DanielAdam DanielEtymology and Ethnolinguistics, Japanese Linguistics, Morphology, Celtic Linguistics, Historical Linguistics
Photograph of Estelle DansereauEstelle DansereauFranco-Canadian and Québécois literatures; writings by women; representations of age; Gabrielle Roy; poetry.
Photograph of Cyrielle FaivreCyrielle FaivreFrench Literature
Photograph of Darin FlynnDarin FlynnPhonology, Sociolinguistics, First Nations Languages
Photograph of Rachel FriedmanRachel FriedmanArabic literature, Islamic thought, Philosophy of language, Arabic language
Photograph of K. Sélom GbanouK. Sélom GbanouPostcolonial Studies, Theatre, Visual Arts, Francophone African Literature, Literary theories
Photograph of Angela GeorgeAngela GeorgeHispanic Linguistics: Language Variation, Language Contact, Second Language Teaching., Sociolinguistics, Teaching Spanish as a Second Language, Second Language Pedagogy, Second Language Acquisition
Photograph of Brian GillBrian GillComputer Assisted Language Learning; Narratology; M. Yourcenar; French Surrealist Poetry.
Photograph of Hasheem HakeemHasheem HakeemCultural studies, Language pedagogy, Gender Studies and History of Sexuality
Photograph of Anne-Marie Hallworth-DuezAnne-Marie Hallworth-DuezFrench Language Instruction
Photograph of Sandra HoenleSandra HoenleEarly 20th century Germany, Curriculum Development, Language pedagogy
Photograph of Stefan HöppnerStefan HöppnerRomanticism, Lyric Poetry, 20th Century German Literature & Culture, German pop culture (Graphic naratives and pop music), Science Studies, Arno Schmidt, Hermann Hesse, The Mann Family
Photograph of Hermina JoldersmaHermina JoldersmaWomen's Studies, Renaisance, Reformation and Baroque, German language instruction
Photograph of Kyumin KimKyumin KimSyntax-Morphology Interface, Japanese, Korean, Blackfoot Language, Syntax-Semantics Interface, Syntax
Photograph of Yoko KodamaYoko KodamaComparison in Japanese and Canadian Education, Teacher and Student Relations
Photograph of Candelaria KonradCandelaria KonradSecond Language teaching and Methodologies; Latin american Culture; XIX Century Mexican Literature., Contemporary Mexican Short Story
Photograph of Miao LiMiao Li18th-Century France, Language pedagogy
Photograph of David LiebesmanDavid LiebesmanMetaphysics, Philosophy of language
Photograph of Eileen LohkaEileen LohkaInternational Francophone literatures and cultures; Creative Writing; Second language acquisition.
Photograph of Horst MastagHorst Mastag20th century German literature, German language instruction
Photograph of Pierre-Yves MocquaisPierre-Yves MocquaisFrench Canadian Literature, Works of Hubert Aquin, Literary genetics, Cultural practices of the Francophones on the Canadian Prairies, French Literature of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance
Photograph of Elizabeth Montes GarcésElizabeth Montes GarcésLatin American Prose Fiction; Latin American women writers; Literature and Film in Latin America.
Photograph of Robert MurrayRobert MurrayHistorical Linguistics, Phonology, Germanic Linguistics
Photograph of Brett NelsonBrett NelsonFirst Nations Languages, Phonology, Language Acquisition
Photograph of Mary Grantham O'BrienMary Grantham O'BrienSecond Language Acquisition, Phonology, German, Phonetics
Photograph of Peter PeltekovPeter PeltekovGermanic Linguistics, Second Language Pedagogy
Photograph of Dominique PerronDominique PerronQuébec Theatre; Sociocritism; Bourdieu; Discourse Analysis; Energy Discourse:
Photograph of Ganna PletnyovaGanna PletnyovaSociolinguistics, Languages in contact and bilingualism, Slavic and Balkan linguistics, Language Ideologies, Linguistic Representations, Canadian Sociolinguistics, Language Policy
Photograph of Amanda PounderAmanda PounderMorphology, Semantics, German, Historical Linguistics
Photograph of Elizabeth RitterElizabeth RitterSyntax, Syntax-Semantics Interface, Blackfoot, Hebrew
Photograph of Odile RollinOdile RollinFrench Language Instruction
Photograph of Claude RomneyClaude RomneySecond language teaching; Translation; French and French Canadian Children's literature; Gabrielle Roy; Holocaust Memoirs.
Photograph of Fresia C. SánchezFresia C. SánchezSpanish Golden Age Novel, Colonial literature; Cross-Border Narratives, Spanish as a Second language.
Photograph of Rachel SchmidtRachel SchmidtCervantes; Early-modern Spanish literature; Visual arts and literature; Literary theory.
Photograph of Shu-ning ScibanShu-ning ScibanChinese Woman Writing, Chinese Etymology, Chinese CALL, Chinese Diaspora Literature, Chinese 2nd Language Acquisition, 20th Century Chinese Literature, Contemporary Taiwan Literature
Photograph of John ScottJohn ScottPhonetics, Second Language Speech Perception, Second Language Phonology, Vocabulary Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Historical Linguistics, Phonology
Photograph of Akiko SharpAkiko SharpSecond Language Acquisition and Teaching, Japanese language instruction
Photograph of Dimitrios SkordosDimitrios SkordosCognitive Science, Language Acquisition, Pragmatics, Experimental Semantics
Photograph of Emilia SpoldiEmilia SpoldiItalian Language Instruction
Photograph of Jan SüselbeckJan SüselbeckLiterary anti-Semitism since the Early Modern Period, Postcolonial studies, Creative Writing, Representations of war, Generation studies, Film and theatre studies, Holocaust and its aftermath, Emotion Research, Transmission and Promotion of Literature in the Media
Photograph of Luis TorresLuis TorresContemporary Spanish American Literature: Prose, Poetry and Theatre; Literary and Cultural Theories; Latin American and Spanish Exiles' Literature in Canada.
Photograph of Sungfu TsaiSungfu Tsai20th Century Chinese Literature, Postcolonial studies, Critical Theory, Chinese Diaspora Literature
Photograph of Ana ValAna ValSpanish Language Teaching; Web-Assisted language learning.
Photograph of Devika VijayanDevika VijayanTravel literature 17th and 18th centuries, Jesuit writings on India and Canada, Quebec literature
Photograph of Douglas WalkerDouglas WalkerStandard, Canadian, and Old French phonology and morphology, French phonology and morphology; Old French; Canadian French; Romance linguistics
Photograph of Anthony J. WallAnthony J. WallContemporary French and Québécois Literatures, 18th-Century France, Literary Theory and the Philosophy of Language
Photograph of E-Mei WangE-Mei Wangsecond language acquisition, classroom activities, Chinese Language Pedagogy, Curriculum Development
Photograph of Ben WhaleyBen WhaleyPostcolonial studies, Japanese, Literature and the Arts, Asian pop culture, Holocaust and its aftermath, Film and theatre studies
Photograph of Pauline WillisPauline Willis19th-Century French Literature; French Language Instruction; Steven Vizinczey.
Photograph of David YesayaDavid YesayaPostcolonial studies, critical race theory, contemporary French literature, migrant literature
Photograph of Nicholas ŽekulinNicholas ŽekulinRussian Literature -- Ivan Turgenev, Comparative Arts, Turgenev as Translator, 19th and early 20th century Russian literature
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