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Publications - 2014


Acoustic phonetic features in Athabaskan sound change

Flynn, Darin and Fulop, Sean

An Inhumanly Wise Shame

Moran, Brendan in Bradatan, Costica Philosophy as Literature

Anonymous Individuality: From Salomo Friedlaender to Walter Benjamin

Moran, Brendan in William Watkin Pluriversalism: Modernism, Multiplicity, Indifference

Attack of the Steampunk Nazis: Is There a Place for "Iron Sky" in the German Classroom?

Höppner, Stefan

Cinema from the Border, Cinema as Border: Creation, Subversion, and Deconstruction of Latino Stereotypes in Border Crossing Films

Dabrowski, Michael

Dolores Tierney. Emilio Fernández: Pictures in the Margins. Spanish and Latin American Filmmakers. Manchester/New York: Manchester University Press. 2012. ix + 198 pp. BULLETIN OF SPANISH STUDIES. Vol 92.1 2015 pp. 160-1.

Bermúdez Barrios, Nayibe

Doomed Hybrids: Three Cases of Fatal Mixing in the War Comics of Tezuka Osamu

Whaley, Ben

Eine durable Technik des unendlich=klein=Polyglotten?: Interlingualität und Etym-Theorie in Arno Schmidts Zettel’s Traum

Höppner, Stefan in Willms, Weertje and Zemanek, Evi Polyglotte Texte: Formen und Funktionen literarischer Mehrsprachigkeit von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart


Gbanou, K. Sélom

Exception, Decision, and Philosophic Politics: Benjamin and the Extreme

Moran, Brendan

Gendered Germanies: The Fetters of a Metaphorical Marriage

Dueck, Cheryl

La Place du lecteur : Livres et lectures dans la peinture française du XVIIIe siècle

Wall, Anthony J.
Image of Legacy of a Linguistic Crisis in Sunu Gual: Freeing Senegalese System of Education from the Shackles of Colonial Education

Legacy of a Linguistic Crisis in Sunu Gual: Freeing Senegalese System of Education from the Shackles of Colonial Education

Fall, Moustapha

This book explores the different types of language education policies during French colonialism in Senegal in the early 19th century. Until recently, there was no current available research in Senegal that exhumes France’s legacy of colonial language education policies and their lasting impacts on the current Senegalese education system. This book begins with a brief theoretical framework of Senegal’s history and discusses the country’s geography, economy, population and religious composition. It then analyzes France’s overall educational plan for Africa and the early resistance this “plan of education” encountered in West Africa particularly in Senegal. It discusses the major language policies undertaken by presidents Leopold Sedar Senghor, Abdou Diouf and Abdoulaye Wade, and demonstrates how some of these leaders failed to achieve a complete linguistic decolonization in Senegal after independence. It lastly provides Senegal with a series of solutions on how to emerge from the legacy of this linguistic crisis to a complete linguistic decolonization


“Nacido bajo Marte, Mercurio y Apolo: ¿Un posible autorretrato de Cervantes hacia el final del Persiles?”

Schmidt, Rachel

Of Words, Bloody Deeds, and Bestial Oblivion: Hamlet and Elektra

Euchner, Maria

Perception of a regional Spanish sound: The case of /s/-weakening

George, Angela

Processing 'words' in early stage SLA: a comparison of first exposure and early stage learners

Carroll, Susanne in Han, Zhao Han and Rast, Rebekah First exposure to a second language

This study compares first exposure learners on a segmentation and word learning task to beginners. The study shows that while beginners are advantaged initially in that they require fewer trials to learn target items presented auditorily in sentences, once learners had acquired items, there were no differences between the groups, even after a two-week hiatus when neither group were exposed to stimuli items. The study thsu shows that both groups were equally able to access memory traces on a forced-choice discrimination task.


Signgeist: Promoting bilingualism through the linguistic landscape of school signage.

Dressler, Roswita

Some differences between clicks and labio-velars

Bennett, Will

Son of Kraut: Over Thomas Meineckes songteksten. Trans. Iannis Goerlandt. Ed. Arne De Winde, Iannis Goerlandt, Eva Moulaert, and Michiel Rys

Höppner, Stefan in Goerlandt, Iannis Thomas Meinecke

Study Abroad in North-Central Spain: The Development of Regional Features

George, Angela
Image of The Black vernacular versus a cracker's knack for verses

The Black vernacular versus a cracker's knack for verses

Flynn, Darin in Parker, Scott F. Eminem and rap, poetry, race: Essays

« Tierno Monénembo; Le réel et ses fictions »

Gbanou, K. Sélom in De Meyer Bernard & Papa Samba Diop Tierno Monénembo et le roman. Histoire, exil, écriture
Image of Traditions Orales Postcoloniales: discours d’ouverture de Boubacar Boris Diop

Traditions Orales Postcoloniales: discours d’ouverture de Boubacar Boris Diop

Fall, Moustapha and Luc Fotsing

Que suggère une oralité postcoloniale qui informe le texte de fiction postcolonial africain ? Est-ce un stéréotype folklorique ? Est-ce l’expression d’une voix collective revendiquant un espace dont elle a été dépossédée ? Est-ce la voix transgressive d’une nouvelle génération d’écrivains et de lecteurs s’opposant aux canons littéraires établis ? Est-ce la voix de groupes marginalisés dont on n’entend plus la voix ou qu’on n’a pas encore entendus ? Quel est l’enjeu de l’oralité en rapport avec la mémoire, l’amnésie et la réconciliation ? Ce sont les questions que s’est posées une équipe de chercheurs africains, nord-américains et européens réunis en 2012 à l’Université de la Colombie- Britannique à Vancouver. Le discours d’ouverture prononcé par Boubacar Boris Diop figure en entier dans ce volume, suivi de douze études sur plusieurs dimensions du problème des traditions orales : l’oralité et les écrivaines africaines, la place de l’oeuvre de Boubacar Boris Diop entre oralité, histoire et mémoire et la conceptualisation critique de l’oralité


Translating the Third Reich: Dan Vyleta's The Quiet Twin (2010).

Strzelczyk, Florentine in Plews, John and Spokiene, Diane Translation, Culture, Representation: Festschrift for Raleigh Whitinger.

When the Global Becomes the Local: Cosmopolitanism in 1960s West and East German Science Fiction

Höppner, Stefan
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