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Beginner Spanish OER

Dabrowski, Michael

Beyond 8-bit: Trauma and Social Relevance in Japanese Video Games

Whaley, Ben

Can Freud Explain Atheism?

Wagner, Martin

Celestinas y majas en la obra de Goya, Alenza y Lucas Velázquez

Schmidt, Rachel

Circulations: Goethe as Writer, Goethe as Collector

Höppner, Stefan
Image of Controversies in Formative Shi'i Islam: The Ghulat Muslims and Their Beliefs

Controversies in Formative Shi'i Islam: The Ghulat Muslims and Their Beliefs

Asatryan, Mushegh

Among the various Muslim communities that were articulating their doctrinal positions in the early Islamic centuries, one in particular was known derisively as the Ghulat ('extremists'). This was owing to their specific interpretation of Islam, which included an 'extreme' devotion to the Shi'i Imams and the family of the Prophet, and controversial religious ideas, such as the transmigration of souls into other human or sub-human forms. Widely active in Iraq in the 8th and 9th centuries, the Ghulat developed a complex worldview and produced a rich religious literature. Until now, understanding of this community has mainly relied on sources produced outside of the group, which are inaccurate or polemical in nature. This book looks at newly recovered primary texts in order to study the Ghulat first hand. Mushegh Asatryan examines the development of the Ghulat writings, situating the community within a broader historical context and offering a comprehensive survey of their distinctive cosmology. Through his detailed analysis, the book offers insight into the formation of one of the earliest religious traditions in Islamic history as well as the nature of the community in which texts were produced and circulated.


Co-producing and Reproducing Solidarnosc in Volker Schloendorff’s Strike

Dueck, Cheryl

Crowdsourced Open Educational Resources (OER) and the Changing Role of the Academic

Dabrowski, Michael

Der Unterschied zwischen Geschichtsschreibung und Autobiographie in ihrem Verhältnis zur Zeit.

Wagner, Martin

Dialogue journals in short-term study abroad: ‘Today I wrote my mind’

Dressler, Roswita and Tweedie, M.Gregory

Español para todos mediante un texto creado para el Siglo XXI

Dabrowski, Michael

Goethes Bibliotheken in Weimar.

Höppner, Stefan and Trenkmann, Ulrike

Illustrations of the IPA: Setswana (South African)

Bennett, Will, Diemer, Maxine, Kerford, Justine, Probert, Tracy and Wesi, Tsholofelo

Is Ghulat Religion Islamic Gnosticism? Religious Transmissions in Late Antiquity

Asatryan, Mushegh and Dylan Burns in M. A. Amir-Moezzi and Daniel de Smet L'ésotérisme shi'ite, ses racines et ses prolongements

Les anecdotes du suttisme-image d'une altérité féminine ambiguë

Vijayan, Devika

Lies and Deception in Encounters with the Unknowns of the Past: Novemberkind (Germany) and An American Rhapsody (Hungary/USA)

Dueck, Cheryl in Szonyi, Gyorgy Confluences. Essays Mapping the Manitoba-Szeged Partnership.

Linguistic identity positioning in Facebook posts during second-language study abroad: One teen’s language use, experience, and awareness.

Dressler, Roswita and Dressler, Anja

New Educational Platforms: Technology mediated fusion of research, teaching and learning

Dabrowski, Michael

Phonotactic c(l)ues to Bantu noun class disambiguation

Bennett, Will and Braver, Aaron

Resonanzen: Büchergeschenke in Goethes Privatbibliothek

Höppner, Stefan

Review of: Orthofer, M.A. Arno Schmidt: A Centennial Colloquy. Aesthetics of Resistance/Press, 2014. In: German Quarterly 89.2 (2016): 260-262.

Höppner, Stefan

"Secret Police in Style: The Aesthetics of Remembering Socialism."

Dueck, Cheryl

Shiite Underground Literature Between Iraq and Syria: The Book of Shadows and the History of Early Ghulat

Asatryan, Mushegh in Tzvi Langermann and Robert Morrison Texts in Transit in the Eastern Mediterranean

Teaching Japanese to the Anime Generation

Whaley, Ben

Thüringer Anthologie – Blaue Blumen auf dem Grab: Novalis‘ Hymne Vergiß mein nicht. [Newspaper Article] Thüringer Allgemeine 30 Apr 2016

Höppner, Stefan

Verpflanzungsgebiete. Wissenskulturen und Poetik der Transplantation. By Irmela Marei Krüger-Fürhoff. Munich: Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2012.

Wagner, Martin

Wolof Children in the Crossfire of a Bilingual Education in Primary School in Senega

Fall, Moustapha
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