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Tom Langford

  • Professor Emeritus of Sociology

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Not currently teaching any courses.

Recently Completed Graduate Students

Diane Field, PhD. Co-supervisor September 2009 - June 2018. Dissertation: Achieving Publicly Funded Midwifery in Alberta: A Case Study of the Changing Nature of Midwifery Work

Nilima Sonpal-Valias, PhD.  Supervisor September 2011 - May 2016. Dissertation: Paradoxes in Paradise: Neoliberalism in Alberta’s Developmental Disability Field.

Joseph Ting, MA.  Supervisor January 2015 - September 2016. Thesis: Skepticism in Different Atmospheres: A Cross-country Analysis of the Social and Political Causes of Climate Change Skepticism.

Michal Kofman, PhD.  Supervisor September 2010 -May 2014. Dissertation:  Citizenship and State Power in Cuba -- Legal Practices and Socialist Education After the 'Special Period'. 

Zia Rahman, PhD.    Supervisor June 2004 – January 2011. Dissertation: Labour and Labour Movements in Bangladesh’s Readymade Garment Industry During the Era of Globalization (1980-2009).

Ron Laliberte, PhD .  Supervisor January 2001 - September 2007. Dissertation: Why Move Aboriginal Labour In and Then Out?: The Transition of Migrant Labour from Aboriginal to Mexican Workers in Southern Alberta’s Sugar Beet Industry.



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