University of Calgary

Publications - 2021


An intersectional pathway penalty: Filipina immigrant women inside and outside Canada’s live- in caregiver program

Lightman, Naomi, Banerjee, Rupa, Tungohan, Ethel, de Leon, Conely and Kelly, Philip

Dissenting Traditions: Essays on Bryan D. Palmer, Marxism, and History

Carleton, Sean, McCoy, Ted and Smith, Julia

Does care count for less? Tracing the labour market trajectories of lower skill female immigrant workers in Canada, 1993-2015

Lightman, Naomi

Gender, Class and the Cost of Unpaid Care: An Analysis of 25 Countries

Lightman, Naomi and Link, Claire

Quantifying the contribution of modifiable risk factors to socio-economic inequities in cancer morbidity and mortality: a nationally representative population-based cohort study

Nejatinamini, S., Godley, Jenny, Minaker, LM, Sajobi, TT, McCormack, GR, Cooke, MJ, Nykiforuk, CIJ, de Koning, L. and Olstad, DL

Sustainable Cities: examining the relationship between neighbourhood composition and recycling patterns in Canadian cities

Lee, J. and Godley, Jenny
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