University of Calgary

Publications - 1995


Activating the Photographic Text

McCoy, Liza in Knowledge, Experience and Ruling Relations: Studies in the Social Organization of Knowledge, ed. M. L. Campbell and A. Manicom

A Study of the Level and Nature of Youth Crime and Violence in Calgary

Smith, R. B., Bertrand, L.D., Arnold, Bruce and Hornick, J.P.

Bodywork as a Moral Imperative: Some Critical Notes on Health and Fitness.

White, P, Young, Kevin and Gillett, J.

Corporatist Control and Organizational Commitment Among Professionals: The Case of Lawyers Working in Law Firms

Wallace, Jean

Organizational and Professional Commitment in Professional and Nonprofessional Organizations

Wallace, Jean

Sport, Masculinity, and the Injured Body.

Young, Kevin, White, P. and McTeer, W. in D. Sabo and D. Gordon (Eds.), Men's Health and Illness: Gender, Power and the Body.

Sport, Physical Danger, and Injury: The Experiences of Elite Women Athletes

Young, Kevin and White, P.

The Social-Interactional Organization of Narrative and Narrating among Stroke Patients and their Spouses

Manzo, John, Lee Xenakis Blonder and Allen Burns

The Wounded Storyteller: Body, Illness and Ethics (Translation in Japanese)

Frank, Arthur W.

To Educate or Not To Educate? Canadian Discourses Concerning Inuit Schooling from the 1930s to the 1950s

McLean, Scott
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