University of Calgary

Publications - 2000


A Matter of Degree(s): Trends in Occupational Status Returns to Educational Credentials in Canada, 1920-1989

Wanner, Richard

Between Rationality and Politics: Autobiographical Portraits of Adult Education Programme Planning

McLean, Scott

Core Networks and the Activation of Ties: What Kinds of Routine Networks Allocate Resources in Nonroutine Situations?

Haines, Valerie, Beggs, John J. and Hurlbert, Jeanne S.

From Thatcher (and Pinochet) to Clinton? Conservative Think Tanks, Foreign Models and US pensions reform

Beland, Daniel

Is Spencer's Theory and Evolutionary Theory?

Haines, Valerie

La genealogía de la solidaridad en materia de politícas sociales. ¿Qué podemos aprender de la experiencia francesa?

Beland, Daniel and Villarreal, Claudia C. Zamorano

Learners’ Socio-Demographic Characteristics and Participation in Computer Conferencing

McLean, Scott and Morrison, Dirk

Networks in Context, Context through Networks: Using Social Network Analysis to Improve Multi-Level Models of Demographic Behavior.

Godley, Jenny

Politiques sociales, stratégies électorales et fédéralisme sous la présidence Clinton

Beland, Daniel and Vergniolle de Chantal, François

Popular Cinema and Lesbian Interpretive Strategies

Dobinson, C and Young, Kevin

Public Opinion on Canadian Aboriginal Issues, 1976-98: Persistence, Change, and Cohort Analysis

Ponting, J. Rick

Reforming the French Welfare State: Solidarity, Social Exclusion and the Three Crises of Citizenship

Beland, Daniel and Hanson, Randall

Researching Sport Injury: Reconstructing Dangerous Masculinities.

Young, Kevin in J. McKay, M. Messner and D. Sabo (Eds.), Masculinities, Gender Relations and Sport

Spencer, Darwin and the Question of Reciprocal Influence.

Haines, Valerie

Spencer's Philosophy of Science.

Haines, Valerie

Sport and Violence.

Young, Kevin in J. Coakley and E. G. Dunning (Eds.), Handbook of Sports Studies.

The Affective Bases for the Gendering of Traits.

Langford, Tom and MacKinnon, Neil J.

The Poverty of Truth-Seeking: Postmodernism, Discourse Analysis and Critical Feminism

Miller, Leslie
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