University of Calgary

Publications - 2001


Aboriginal Peoples in Canada (7th ed.)

Frideres, James and Rene Gadacz

Can We Research Suffering?

Frank, Arthur W.

Capacity for Community Development: An Approach to Conceptualization and Measurement.  Journal of the Community Development Society, 32 (2) 251-271.

McLean, Scott, Ebbesen, L, Green, K., Reeder, D., Butler-Jones, D. and Steer, S

De l'autonomie de l'État' à l'art du compromis politique: la réforme des pensions de vieillesse à la fin du New Deal

Beland, Daniel

Diagnosing and Preventing 'Brain Waste' in Canada's Immigrant Population: A Synthesis of Comments on Reitz

Wanner, Richard

Distance Education and Distance Learning: A Framework for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.  Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

McLean, Scott

Does Labor Matter? Institutions, Labor Unions and Pension Reform in France and the United States

Beland, Daniel

Do Factors that Differentiate Science and Nonscience Majors Predict Majoring in Science?

Haines, Valerie, Wallace, Jean and Johnstone, Rebecca

Educational Attainment of the Children of Divorce: Australia, 1940-1990

Evans, MDR, Kelley, Jonathan and Wanner, Richard

Experiencing Illness Through Storytelling (refereed)

Frank, Arthur W.

Explaining Why Lawyers Want to Leave the Practice of Law

Wallace, Jean

Exploring the Gender Gap in Engineering: A Re-specification and Test of the Hypothesis of Cumulative Advantages and Disadvantages

Haines, Valerie, Wallace, Jean and Cannon, Elizabeth

Family policies and families' well-being: an international comparison

Gauthier, Anne in Our Children's Future: Child Care Policy in Canada. G. Cleveland (ed.)

Flesh Journeys: Neo-Primitives and the Contemporary Rediscovery of Radical Body Modification.

Atkinson, M. and Young, Kevin

Gendered Inequalities in Earnings: A Study of Canadian Lawyers

Robson, Karen and Wallace, Jean

Health Promotion and Preventive Measures: Interpreting Messages at Midlife

Meadows, L.M., Thurston, W.E. and Berenson, Carol

Inequalities in young people's use of time: Cross-national comparisons

Gauthier, Anne and Furstenberg, F.F. Jr. in Child Well-being, Child Poverty and Child Policy in Modern Nations. What Do We Know?. K. Vleminckx and T. Smeeding (eds.)

Legalized, Regulated, but Unfunded: Midwifery's Labourious Professionalization in Alberta, Canada 1975-99.

McKendry, Rachael and Langford, Tom

Pink Freud: A Re-consideration of Freud's Intellectual Relationship with the Female Sex

Godderis, Rebecca

Pro-Family Organizations in Calgary, 1998: Beliefs, Interconnections and Allies

Anderson, Gillian and Langford, Tom

"Racism and Resistance"

Ponting, J. Rick and in J. Rick Ponting, and Glenday, Daniel, and Ann Duffy (eds). Canadian Society: Surviving Into the 21st Century.

Social Networks and Social Capital in Extreme Environments.

Haines, Valerie, Beggs, John J. and Hurlbert, Jeanne S.

Support for working parents in Finland and the USA

Savolainen, J., Lahelma, E., Silventoinen, K. and Gauthier, Anne

The Benefits of Mentoring for Female Lawyers

Wallace, Jean

The Influence of Sibling Ties on Women's Contraceptive Method Choice in Nang Rong, Thailand.

Godley, Jenny

Une sécurité libérale? La politique des retraites aux États-Unis

Beland, Daniel
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