University of Calgary

Publications - 2002


An Alternate Vision of Community: Crowsnest Miners and their Local Unions During the 1940s and 1950s

Langford, Tom in Norton, Wayne and Langford, Tom A World Apart: The Crowsnest Communities of Alberta and British Columbia

A Walk on the Wild Side: Exposing North American Sports Crowd Disorder.

Young, Kevin in E. Dunning, P. Murphy, I. Waddington and A. Astrinakis (Eds.), Fighting Fans: Football Hooliganism as a World Social Phenomenon

A World Apart: The Crowsnest Communities of Alberta and British Columbia

Norton, Wayne and Langford, Tom

'Back to the Future': Thinking Sociologically about Sport.

Maguire, J. and Young, Kevin in Theory, Sport and Society

Challenging the Deficit Paradigm: Grounds for Optimism among First Nations in Canada

Voyageur, Cora and Ponting, Rick

Community Organizing: 'Community' as a Discursive Resource in a Youth Social Services Agency.

Manzo, John

Distance Learning for Food Security and Rural Development: A Perspective from the FAO.  International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 3 (1)

McLean, Scott and Gasperini, L

Does Class Matter? Beliefs About the Economy and Politics in Postindustrial Canada.

Langford, Tom in Baer, Douglas Political Sociology: Canadian Perspectives

Ethnic Intermarriage in Canada

Kalbach, Madeline, Spitzer, Denise and Bitar, Sonia

Exploring the Association of Sex and Majoring in Science

Haines, Valerie and Wallace, Jean

Exploring the Structural Contexts of the Support Process: Social Networks, Social Statuses, Social Support, and Psychological Distress

Haines, Valerie, Beggs, John J. and Hurlbert, Jeanne S.

Family policies in industrialized countries: is there convergence?

Gauthier, Anne

From 'Sports Violence' to 'Sports Crime': Aspects of Violence, Law and Gender in the Sports Process.

Young, Kevin in M. Gatz, M. Messner and S. Ball-Rokeach (Eds.), Paradoxes of Youth and Sport.

How Can They Act Like That? 'Clinicians and Patients as Characteres in Each Other's Stories'

Frank, Arthur W.

Incarceration, Conditional Deterrence and the Differential Development of Criminal Careers among Canadian Young Offenders

Arnold, Bruce and Smith, Nicole

Institutional Ethnography: Using Interviews to Investigate Ruling Relations

DeVault, Marjorie L. and McCoy, Liza in Handbook of Interview Research: Context and Method, ed. J.A. Holstein and J.F. Gubrium

Les paradoxes de la 'privatisation': épargne individuelle et réforme des retraites aux États-Unis

Beland, Daniel

L'immigration et la communauté franco-torontoise: le cas des jeunes.

Madibbo, Amal and

Making Care Visible: Antiretroviral Therapy and the Health Work of People Living with HIV/AIDS

Bresalier, Michael, Gillis, Loralee, McClure, Craig, McCoy, Liza, Mykhalovskiy, Eric, Taylor, Darien and Webber, Michelle

Néo-institutionnalisme historique et politiques sociales: une perspective sociologique

Beland, Daniel

Offense Specialization Among Serious Habitual Juvenile Offenders in A Canadian City During the Early Stages of Criminal Careers

Arnold, Bruce and William, Ryan

Overcoming Hurdles: Health Care and Aboriginal Peoples

Frideres, James

Standard Deviations: An Update on North American Sports Crowd Disorder

Young, Kevin

Strengthening Research Capacity: An Action Plan for the University of Saskatchewan Extension Division. Canadian Journal of University Continuing Education. 28 (2) 17-31.

McLean, Scott

Stress at Work: A Study of Organizational-Professional Conflict and Unmet Expectations.

Lait, Jana and Wallace, Jean

Targeting Social Support: A Network Assessment of the Convoy Model of Social Support.

Haines, Valerie and Henderson, Linda

The Cold War and Working Class Politics in the Coal Mining Communities of the Crowsnest Pass, 1945-1958.

Langford, Tom and Frazer, Chris

The Extrospection of Suffering: Strategies of First-person Illness Narratives

Frank, Arthur W.

Theory, Sport & Society

Maguire, J. and Young, Kevin

The Painter and the Cameraman: Boundaries in Clinical Relationships

Frank, Arthur W.

The promises of comparative research

Gauthier, Anne

The transition to adulthood: a time use perspective

Gauthier, Anne and Furstenberg, F.F. Jr.

Third Way Social Policy: Clinton's Legacy?

Beland, Daniel and Waddan, Alex

Troubling Ruling Discourses of Health: Using Institutional Ethnography in Community-Based Research

Mykhalovskiy, Eric and McCoy, Liza

Validation of Nasal Pressure for the Identification of Apneas/Hypopneas During Sleep

Heitman, Steven, Atkar, Raj, Hajduk, Eric, Wanner, Richard and Flemons, Ward

What's in a Name? Bisexual Women Define Their Terms

Berenson, Carol

What's the Use of Job Descriptions? Reflections from the Health Care Industry

Ducey, Ariel

What's Wrong With Medical Consumerism?

Frank, Arthur W.

What were they thinking? The development of child support guidelines in Canada.

Millar, P. and Gauthier, Anne
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