University of Calgary

Publications - 2003


Claims-Making from the Underside: Marginalization and Social Problems Analysis

Miller, Leslie in Holstein, James A. and Miller, Gale Challenges and Choices: Constructionist Perspectives on Social Problems

Constructing ‘Ownership’ in a Mall-Based Youth Social Services Agency.

Manzo, John

Entry Class and the Earnings of Immigrants to Canada, 1980-1995

Wanner, Richard

Ethnic Diversity and the Economics and Social Integration of Canada's Immigrant Labour Force

Kalbach, Madeline, Frideres, James and Kalbach, Warren

Families, Children, and Inequalities

Fussell, E and Gauthier, Anne

Family Allowances

Gauthier, Anne in International Encyclopedia on Population. P. Demeny and G. McNicoll (eds). Vol. 1.

Family Composition and Remarriage in Alsace, 1750-1850.

McQuillan, Kevin

Government Policy and the Spatial Redistribution of Canada's Aboriginal Peoples

Kalbach, Madeline

How Stories Remake What Pain Unmakes

Frank, Arthur W.

Identity Politics and French Republicanism

Beland, Daniel

Institutional Structure and Immigrant Integration: A Comparative Study of Immigrants' Labor Market Attainment in Canada and Israel

Lewin-Epstein, Noah, Semyonov, Moshe, Kogan, Irena and Wanner, Richard

L'expertise comme pouvoir: le cas des organisations de retraités face aux politiques publiques en France et aux États-Unis

Beland, Daniel and Durandal, Jean-Philippe

L’introduction du français en Afrique non-francophone : L’expérience soudanaise

Madibbo, Amal

Perceptions of Engineering and Beliefs about Women in Engineering “Having it All”: Are Male and Female Engineering Undergraduates Really so Different?

Haines, Valerie and Wallace, Jean

Politicizing Aboriginal Cultural Tourism: The Discourse of Primitivism in the Tourist Encounter.

Miller, Leslie and Deutschlander, Siegrid

Regulating Affective Labor: Communication Skills Training in the Health Care Industry

Ducey, Ariel, Heather Gautney and Dominic Wenzel

Survivorship as Craft and Conviction: Reflections on Research in Progress

Frank, Arthur W.

Terror Games: Media Treatment of Security Issues at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

Atkinson, M. and Young, Kevin

The Bioethics of Biotechnology: Alternative Claims of Posthuman Futures

Frank, Arthur W.

The Intergenerational Transfer of Ethnic Identity in Canada at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century

Kalbach, Madeline and Kalbach, Warren

The Intergenerational Transfer of Ethnic Identity in Canada at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century"

Kalbach, Madeline

They're Happy, but did they Make a Difference?  Applying Kirkpatrick's Framework to the Evaluation of a National Leadership Program.  Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, 18 (1) 1-23.

McLean, Scott and Moss, G

Time use and aging: cross-national patterns

Gauthier, Anne and Smeeding, T.

Trends in the Occupational and Earnings Attainments of Women Immigrants to Canada, 1971-1996

Wanner, Richard and Ambrose, Michelle

Why Alberta Vacillated Over Wartime Day Nurseries

Langford, Tom
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