University of Calgary

Publications - 2005


Building Health Promotion Capacity: Action for Learning, Learning from Action.

McLean, Scott, Joan Feather and David Butler-Jones

Can the Experience of Violent Victimization be Reconciled with the Fundamental Tenets of Restorative Justice? The Case Studies of Genocide in Rwanda, Sexual Assault, and Intimate Partner Violence.

Carter, Rebecca

"Contested Visions of First Nation Governance: Secondary Analysis of Federal Government Research on the Opinions of On-Reserve Residents."

Ponting, J. Rick and Henderson, Linda J.

Global Olympics: Historical and Sociological Studies of the Modern Games

Young, Kevin and Wamsley, K

Hidden in Plain Sight: Contributions of Aboriginal Peoples to Canadian Identity and Culture. Volume 1.

Newhouse, David, Voyageur, Cora and Beavon, Daniel

Historical trends in the patterns of time use of seniors in Canada

Victorino, C. and Gauthier, Anne

Historical trends in the patterns of time use of young adults

Gauthier, Anne and Furstenberg F.F., Jr. in F.F. Furstenberg, Jr., R.G. Rumbaut, & R.A. Settersen, Jr. (eds.), On the frontier of adulthood: Theory, research and public policy

HIV+ Patients and the Doctor-Patient Relationship: Perspectives from the Margins

McCoy, Liza

Ideas and Social Policy: An Institutionalist Perspective

Beland, Daniel

Immigration, Race and Language: Black Francophones and the Challenges of Integration, Racism and Language Discrimination. the Joint Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement. Toronto.

Madibbo, Amal

Insecurity, Citizenship, and Globalization: The Multiple Faces of State Protection

Beland, Daniel

Institutional Resistance to Acknowledging Intimate Male Abuse

Lupri, Eugen

Intimate Partner Violence Against Men

Lupri, Eugen and Grandin, Elaine

Job Stress, Depression and Work-Family Conflict Amongst Lawyers: A Test of the Strain and Buffer Hypotheses.

Wallace, Jean

La transformation des institutions et des communautes francophones face a l'immigration et a la mondialisation: une etude de cas.

Madibbo, Amal and Labrie, N

Methodological issues related to the measurement of parental time

Fedick, C., Pacholok, S. and Gauthier, Anne

Nationalism, Public Policy, and Institutional Development: Social Security in Belgium

Beland, Daniel and Lecours, André

Of Their Own Making: Aboriginal Print Media.

Voyageur, Cora

On the Assimilation of Racial Stereotypes among Black Canadian Young Offenders.

Manzo, John and Monetta M. Bailey

Reservoir Dogs: Greyhound Racing, Mimesis & Sports - Related Violence

Atkinson, M. and Young, Kevin

Re-thinking evidence-based practice for children’s mental health

Waddell, Charlotte and Godderis, Rebecca

Social Control and the Management of 'Personal' Space in Shopping Malls.

Manzo, John

Social Security: History and Politics from the New Deal to the Privatization Debate ("Studies in Government and Public Policy" series)

Beland, Daniel

Stasis Amidst Change: Canadian Pension Reform in an Age of Retrenchment

Beland, Daniel and in Ageing and Pension Reform around the World

The Perfect Storm of Enhancement

Frank, Arthur W.

The Politics of Territorial Solidarity: Sub-State Nationalism and Social Policy Reform in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Belgium

Beland, Daniel and

The transition to adulthood for women in the United States in comparative perspective

Fussell, E. and Gauthier, Anne in F.F. Furstenberg, J., R.G. Rumbaut, & R.A. Settersen, Jr. (eds.), On the frontier of adulthood: Theory, research and public policy

Trends in policies for family-friendly societies

Gauthier, Anne in The New Demographic Regime: Population Challenges and Policy Responses

Twentieth-Century Trends in Occupational Attainment in Canada

Wanner, Richard

What is Dialogical Research, and Why Should We Do It?

Frank, Arthur W.

Why Does Family Violence Occur?

Lupri, Eugen

Youth Gangs in Canada: A Preliminary Review of Programs and Services

Mellor, Brian, MacRae, Leslie, Pauls, Monica and Hornick, Joe P.
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