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Publications - 2006


"Abused Men are Not Getting Their Needs Met." Letter to the Editor, Calgary Herald, May 29, 2006. Page 15A.

Lupri, Eugen

"A Lens For Patient-centred Care: Institutional Ethnography and health relations". Presented at the Qualitative Health Research Conference, Edmonton, Alberta.

Corman, Michael

A new look at religious differences in fertility in Alsace.

McQuillan, Kevin in Religion and Fertility in Historical Perspective. (Frans Van Poppel and Renzo Derosas (eds.))

Anticipatory Dying: Reflections Upon End of Life Expectations in a Thai Buddhist Hospice. 2006, Volume II, Issue 2 (August). 21p.

Arnold, Bruce

Auto theft and youth culture: A nexus of masculinities, femininities and car culture

O'Connor, Christopher and Kelly, Katharine

Canada's Changing Families: Implications for Individuals and Society. Kevin McQuillan and Zenaida Ravanera (eds.)

McQuillan, Kevin

Can Women in Law Have it All: A Study of Motherhood, Career Satisfaction and Life Balance

Wallace, Jean

"Caregiving In Autism: stressors and joys interaction process model". Presented at the American Psychological Association, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Corman, Michael

Coal Miners' Resistance to Industrial Legality in Western Canada, 1940-55

Langford, Tom

Coubertin's Olympic Games: The Greatest Show on Earth.

Wamsley, K and Young, Kevin in Global Olympics: Historical and Sociological Studies of the Modern Games.

"Critical Research Strategies - a need to reorient social inquiry for inclusion of ecology". Presented at the Pacific Sociological Association, Los Angeles California.

Corman, Michael

Décentralisation, mouvements nationalistes et politiques sociales: les cas du Québec et de l’Écosse

Beland, Daniel and Lecours, André

Descriptive statistics: Displaying data graphs

Huizinga, Anne

Dining In: The Symbolic Power of Food in Prison

Godderis, Rebecca

Family Change and the Agenda for Social Policy in Canada.

McQuillan, Kevin in Canada's Changing Families: Implications for Individuals and Society. (Kevin McQuillan and Zenaida Ravanera (eds.)

Food for Thought: An Analysis of Power and Identity in Prison Food Narratives

Godderis, Rebecca

Health-Care Monster Being Given a Bad Rap

Ducey, Ariel

Hearing: Sound the auditory system and pitch perception

Huizinga, Anne

How to Build a Feminazi: A Content Analysis of the Construction of the Feminis Label Between 1965-1998

Masuch, Cristi

Injured Female Athletes: Experiential Accounts from England and Canada

Charlesworth, H. and Young, Kevin in Loland, S., Skirstad, B and Waddington, I. Pain and Injury in Sport: Social and Ethical Analysis

Interpretive Phenomenology, Clinical Ethics and Research

Frank, Arthur W.


McQuillan, Kevin and Ravanera, Zenaida in Canada's Changing Families: Implications for Individuals and Society. (Kevin McQuillan and Zenaida Ravanera (eds.)

Introduction to the Aldine Transaction Edition (Muzafer Sherif, Social Interaction, Process and Products).

Brannigan, Augustine

Voice, Vision and Vicissitudes in the Work of Muzafer Sherif


Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences

Kalbach, Madeline and W.E. Kalbach

Keeping the Institution in View: Working with Interview Accounts of Everyday Experience

McCoy, Liza in Institutional Ethnography as Practice, ed. Dorothy E. Smith

Minority within a Minority: Black Francophone Immigrants and the Dynamics of Power and Resistance

Madibbo, Amal

 Kluane National Park & Reserve – Analysis and Review of A'ÄY CHÙ'/Slims River Valley/Sheep Bullion Plateau Hiker – Bear Occurrences.

Young, Marisa and Sandra MacDougall

Our Families, Our Selves: An Examination of Family Factors in Midlife Career Change of Professionals

Mellor, Brian

There has been a modest amount of academic research that has explored the family, situational, lifestyle, demographic, motivational, and/or life course factors that influence people in midlife to change professions.  The objective of this presentation is to focus on issues relating to the family, as well as factors of work-life balance that affect lawyers and educators who engage in a midlife career change.  The findings expressed in this presentation came about through the use of an inductive grounded theory approach to analyze semi-structured interviews with former lawyers and educators who left their professions and are now engaged in unrelated careers.


Preventing the theft of motor vehicles: The limits of deterrence

O'Connor, Christopher

Protest Avoidance: Labor Mobilization and Social Policy Reform in France

Beland, Daniel and Marier, Patrik

Revelation and Revolution: Fault Lines in Aboriginal-White Relations

Frideres, James

Riding the Age Wave: the Allocation of Public and Private Resources across Generations

Gauthier, Anne, Tuljapurkar, S and Chu, C

Sub-State Nationalism and the Welfare State: Québec and Canadian Federalism

Beland, Daniel and Lecours, André

"The diagnosis process of autism - an explication of health relations". Presented at the Pacific Sociological Association, Los Angeles California.

Corman, Michael

The Generation and Gender Shifts in Medicine: An Exploratory Survey of Internal Medicine Physicians.

Jovic, Emily, Wallace, Jean and Lemaire, Jane

The Nisga'a Treaty: Polling Dynamics and Political Communication in Comparative Context.

Ponting, J. Rick and

The Politics of Social Learning: Finance, Institutions and Pension Reform in the United States and Canada

Beland, Daniel

The Rising Tide of Outreach and Engagement in State and Land-grant Universities in the United States: What are the Implications for University Continuing Education Units in Canada?

McLean, Scott, Thompson, G and Jonker, P

The Social Policies Presidents Make: Pre-Emptive Leadership under Nixon and Clinton

Beland, Daniel and Waddan, Alex

"The Sociological Study of Aging: an Introduction". Given to various assisted living facilities in Victoria, British Columbia.

Corman, Michael

Transnational identities and practices in Canada

Wong, Lloyd and Satzewich, Vic (Eds.)

Violent Victimization and Restorative Justice: A Critical Assessment of the Extant Literature.

Carter, Rebecca

Waarom Verdienen Immigranten Minder? Effecten van Immigratiebeleid en Arbeidsmarktkenmerken.

Dronkers, Jaap and Wanner, Richard

Work Commitment in the Legal Profession: A Study of Baby Boomers and Generation Xers

Wallace, Jean

'You Can't Rent a Cop': Mall Security Officers' Management of a 'Stigmatized' Occupation.

Manzo, John
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