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Publications - 2007


Aboriginal Leadership and Good Governance in Canada's Aboriginal Community.

Calliou, Brian and Voyageur, Cora

About Us: Expressing the Purpose of University Continuing Education in Canada.

McLean, Scott

"Accounting Logic - Don't Count on It! Health Relations and Objectified Forms of Knowing in the Diagnostic Process of Autism". Presented at the Canadian Sociological Association, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Corman, Michael

"Active Aging & Personal Health Practices: what's in it for you?" Invited workshop. Wellness Show: Vancouver, British Columbia.

Corman, Michael

'A Work Second to None': Positioning Extension at the University of Alberta, 1912-1975.

McLean, Scott

Beyond "Entry-level" Jobs: Immigrant Women and Non-Regulated Professional Occupations

McCoy, Liza and Masuch, Cristi

"Caregiving in Autism". Presented at the Canadian Sociological Association, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Corman, Michael

Comparative Social Policy and the Public-Private Dichotomy (edited volume)

Beland, Daniel and Gran, Brian

Conservative Ideas and Social Policy in the United States

Beland, Daniel and Waddan, Alex

"Exploring the Textualization of the Everyday World - the development of a governing text in a mental health and addictions setting". Society for Socialist Studies, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Corman, Michael

Fausto Desbocado: la Irracionalidad en el Pensamiento Político de Carl Schmitt (Faust unleashed: the Irrationality in the Political Thought of Carl Schmitt).

Robles Bastida, Nazario

Gender, Sport and the Injury Process

White, P. and Young, Kevin in Young, Kevin and White, P. Sport and Gender in Canada

Governance and Regulation in Social Life: Essays in Honour of W.G. Carson

Brannigan, Augustine and Pavlich, George

Hazing as a Form of Sport and Gender Socialization

Bryshun, J and Young, Kevin in White, P. and Young, Kevin Sport and Gender in Canada

Ideas and Institutional Change in Social Security: Conversion, Layering, and Policy Drift

Beland, Daniel

Insecurity and Politics: A Framework

Beland, Daniel

Jiyushugi Fukushi Rejimu no Tayosei: Danzoku Kinko to Zenzoshugi no Aida [Varieties of the Liberal Welfare Regime: Between Punctuated Equilibrium and Incrementalism]

Toshimitsu Shinkawa and Beland, Daniel

Le mouvement associatif des immigrants africains francophones en Ontario

Madibbo, Amal in Associations, cultures et développement

More than a Job: Meaning, Affect, and Training Health Care Workers

Ducey, Ariel in in The Affective Turn: Theorizing the Social. P. Clough and J. Halley, eds. Duke University Press.

Neo-Liberalism and Social Policy: The Politics of Ownership

Beland, Daniel

On Physician Well Being – You’ll get by with a Little Help from your Friends

Wallace, Jean and Jane Lemaire

Population Change in Canada to 2017 and Beyond: The Challenges of Policy Adaptation.

McQuillan, Kevin, Beaujot, Roderic and Ravanera, Zenaida

Prostitute Murders in Canada: A Victimological Analysis

Carter, Rebecca

Prostitute Victimization: Towards a Victimological Perspective

Carter, Rebecca

Public and Private Policy Change: Pension Reform in Four Countries

Beland, Daniel and Toshimitsu Shinkawa

"Better Dead than Communist!" Contentious Politics and Identity Formation in 1990 Romania and Beyond 

Julia Brotea and Beland, Daniel

Race, Gender, Language and Power Relations : Blacks within Francophone Communities in Ontario, Canada

Madibbo, Amal

Race, Language and la Francophonie: Black Francophones Caught between Racism and Linguicism

Madibbo, Amal in Theorizing Empowerment: Canadian Perspectives on Black Feminist Thought

Reaching out into the World: A History of Extension at the University of Saskatchewan, 1910-2007.

McLean, Scott

Social Security: A Documentary History

Larry DeWitt, Beland, Daniel and Edward D. Berkowitz

Social Security: A Documentary History


Sociologie de la Douleur et des Blessures Sportives Corporelles (A Sociology of Pain and Injury in Sport)

Young, Kevin

Sport and Gender in Canada, Second Edition.

Young, Kevin and White, P.

States of Global Insecurity: Policy, Politics, and Society

Beland, Daniel

The impact of family policies on fertility in industrialized countries: a review of the literature

Gauthier, Anne

The Social Exclusion Discourse: Ideas and Policy Change

Beland, Daniel

Understanding the Murder of Prostitutes and the Phenomenon of 'Cross-Over' Killings

Carter, Rebecca

University Extension and Social Change: Positioning a 'University of the People' in Saskatchewan.

McLean, Scott

Violence Among Athletes.

Young, Kevin in Ritzer, G. The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology.

Violence Among Fans.

Young, Kevin in Ritzer, G. The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology.

Corman, Michael
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