University of Calgary

Publications - 2009


Are Small Firms More Beautiful or is Bigger Better?: A Study of Compensating Differentials and Law Firm Internal Labor Markets

Wallace, Jean and Kay, F.M

Balancing Work and Family in Canada - An Empirical Examination of Conceptualizations and Measurements

Tézli, Annette and Anne Gauthier

Consequences of Divorce for Childhood Education: Australia, Canada and the USA, 1940-1990

Evans, M.D.R, Kelley, Jonathan and Wanner, Richard

Discovering Adult Education at McGill University and the University of British Columbia

McLean, Scott

Examining the association between socioeconomic position and body mass index in 1978 and 2005 among Canadian working-age women and men

McLaren, Lindsay, Auld, M. Christopher, Godley, Jenny, Still, David and Gauvin, Lise

Family Responsibilities, Productivity, and Earnings: A Study of Gender Differences among Canadian Lawyers

Young, M.C. and Wallace, Jean

Healer/Patient Interaction: New Mediations in Clinical Relationships.

Frank, Arthur W., Corman, Michael, Gish, Jessica and Lawton, Paul in I. L. Bourgeault, R. DeVries and R. Dingwall (Eds), Handbook on Qualitative Health Research.

"I just couldn't go on" - Expanding discursive notions of good mothering, caregiving, and family. American Sociological Association. San Francisco, California. August 2009.

Corman, Michael

Legal Ideology in the Aftermath of Rebellion: The Convicted First Nations Participants, 1885

McCoy, Ted

Leisure and Consumption: Common Ground, Separate Worlds

Stebbins, Robert

Leisure as a Coping Resource: A Test of the Job Demand-Control-Support Model

Joudrey, A. and Wallace, Jean

Mentors as Social Capital: Gender, Mentor Capitalization, and Career Rewards in Law Practice

Kay, F.M. and Wallace, Jean
Image of Never Good Enough: Health Care Workers and the False Promise of Job Training

Never Good Enough: Health Care Workers and the False Promise of Job Training

Ducey, Ariel

Reviewed in Canadian Journal of Sociology, Work and Occupations, Administrative Science Quarterly, Global Labour Journal, Working USA, Review of Radical Political Economics, Contemporary Sociology, and New Labor Forum.


Personal Decisions in the Public Square: Beyond Problem Solving into a Positive Sociology

Stebbins, Robert

Physician Well Being and Quality of Patient Care: An Exploratory Study of the Missing Link

Wallace, Jean and Lemaire, J.

Physician Wellness: A Missing Quality Indicator

Wallace, Jean, Lemaire, J. and Ghali, W.A.

Security Officers' Perspectives on Training

Manzo, John

Social class, gender, and time use: Implications for the social determinants of body weight?

McLaren, Lindsay, Godley, Jenny and MacNairn, Ian A.S.

Socioeconomic disadvantage within a neighborhood, perceived financial security and self-rated health

Haines, Valerie A., Godley, Jenny, Hawe, Penelope and Shiell, Alan

'So Dauntless In War': The Impact of Garth Turcott on Political Change in Alberta, 1966-71.

Langford, Tom

The Positives of Caregiving - Mothers' Experiences Caregiving for a Child with Autism

Corman, Michael

The Risk in Crime

Kennedy, Les and Gibbs Van Brunschot, Erin

The Unproductive Prisoner: Labor and Medicine in Canadian Penitentiaries, 1867-1900

McCoy, Ted

Through Medical Eyes: The Medicalization of Women's Bodies and Women's Lives

Miller, L. J., Findlay, D.A. and Berenson, Carol in Bolaria, B.S. and Dickinson, H.D. Health, Illness and Health Care in Canada

Time, self and the medication day: a closer look at the everyday work of 'adherence'

McCoy, Liza

Well Doc? What Constitutes Quality of Life for Physicians?

Lemaire, Jane and Wallace, Jean

Working with the President: Extension and Continuing Education at UBC, 1935 – 1983

McLean, Scott
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