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Publications - 2011

Image of Alberta's Day Care Controversy: From 1908 to 2009 - and Beyond.

Alberta's Day Care Controversy: From 1908 to 2009 - and Beyond.

Langford, Tom

Contemporary First Nations Women's Issues.

Voyageur, Cora in David A. Long and Olive Dickason. Visions of the Heart: Contemporary Issues. 3rd Ed.

Essor, chute, puis renaissance des études à temps partiel pour adultes à l’Université de Montréal

McLean, Scott

Female First Nations Chiefs and the Colonial Legacy

Voyageur, Cora

Five and a Half Myths about North American Sports Crowd Disorder

Young, Kevin in Taking Sport Seriously:Social Issues in Canadian Sport

Food for Thought: An Exploratory Study of How Physicians Experience Poor Workplace Nutrition

Wallace, Jean, Lemaire, Jane, Dinsmore, K. and Roberts, D.

Hands-Free Communication Technology: A Benefit for Nursing?

Dunphy, H., Finlay, J.L., Lemaire, J., MacNairn, I. and Wallace, Jean

Hidden in Plain Sight: Contributions of Aboriginal Peoples to Canadian Identity and Culture. Vol. II.

Voyageur, Cora, Newhouse, David and Beavon, Daniel

In Sickness and In Health: An Exploration of Spousal Support and Occupational Similarity

de Grood, Jill and Wallace, Jean

Mapping hospice patients’ perceptions and verbal communication of end-of-life needs: an exploratory mixed methods inquiry.

Arnold, Bruce

Men, paid employment and family responsibilities: conceptualizing the 'working father'

Ranson, Gillian

Occupational Similarity and Spousal Support: A Study of the Importance of Gender and Spouse’s Occupation

Wallace, Jean and Jovanovic, Alyssa

Occupation and Industry: Patterns and Trends in Canada's Division of Labour

Wanner, Richard in Eric Fong and Barry Edmonston The Changing Canadian Population

“On the 45th Anniversary of the Sudanese Poet Tawfig Salih Gibril: Celebrating the Social and Revolutionary aspects of his work” (In Arabic). Al Sahafa, December 20. (Published in Sudan)

Madibbo, Amal

Out in the Open: Elected Female Leadership in Canada's First Nation Community

Voyageur, Cora

Serious Leisure and Nature: Sustainable Consumption in the Outdoors

Stebbins, Robert and Davidson, Lee

Sexualidad 2D: Política, Imaginación y Libido dentro de una Subcultura Posmoderna (2D Sexuality: Politics, Imagination and Libido in a Postmodern Subculture).

Robles Bastida, Nazario

Social Problems: A Canadian Perspective, 3rd Ed.

Tepperman, Lorne and Curtis, Josh

“The Economy and Public Opinion on Welfare Spending in Canada.” In Lorne Tepperman and Angela Kalyta (eds). Reading Sociology. Toronto: Oxford University Press. Pp. 314-319.

Curtis, Josh and Andersen, Robert

The Hanging of Peter Abramowicz and Father John Duplanil’s Efforts to Save Him.

Langford, Tom

The use of social network analysis to quantify the importance of sex partner meeting venues in an infectious syphilis outbreak in Alberta, Canada.

Fur, R., Henderson, E.A., Godley, Jenny, Roy, C. and Bush, K.

Transnational Athletes: Celebrities And Migrant Players In Fútbol And Hockey

Trumper, Ricardo and Wong, Lloyd in Falcous Mark and Maguire, Joseph Sport and Migration

Understanding Interdisciplinary Collaborations as Social Networks

Haines, Valerie A., Godley, Jenny and Hawe, Penelope

Using Social Network Analysis to Assess Collaboration in Health Research

Godley, Jenny, Barron, G. and Sharma, A.
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