University of Calgary

Publications - 2013


Building Bridges: Immigrant, Visible Minority, and Aboriginal Families in the Twenty-First Century

Madibbo, Amal and Frideres, Jim in Canadian Families Today (2nd edition: edited by David Cheal)

Calgary's Chinese Kinship Associations: Their Role in Chinese Canadian Integration

Wong, Lloyd and Sciban, Lloyd

Celebrity Athletes. In David Levinson and Gertrud Pfister (Eds.), The Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport, third edition (234-241). Great Barrington, MA: Berkshire Publishing Group.

Wong, Lloyd and Trumper, Ricardo

Compassion Fatigue in the Legal Profession

Ramraj-Thompson, Sharon

Contributions of IAF Loans to Economic and Social Integration of Skilled Immigrants

Wong, Lloyd, Hieu Van Ngo, Caroline Sommerfeld and Joji Kawaguchi

Five Decades of Class Analysis in the Canadian Review of Sociology

Langford, Tom

Gender and Supportive Coworkers Relations in the Medical Profession

Wallace, Jean

Harnessing Complex Emergent Metaphors for Effective Communication in Palliative Care: A Multi-modal Perceptual Analysis of Hospice Patients’ Reports of Transcendence Experiences

Arnold, Bruce and Lloyd, Linda

Kids in Kilts: Highland Dance to Develop Fundamental Movement Skills

MacCallum, Miranda and Sheehan, Dwayne, P.

Kid’s Talking about Race: Tween-Agers in a Post Civil Rights Era

Risman, Barbara J. and Banerjee, Pallavi

Lean on Me: An Exploratory Study of the Spousal Support Received by Physicians

Jovanovic, A. and Wallace, Jean

Living in In-Between Spaces: A Structure-Agency Analysis of Indian-Bangladeshi and Indian-Chinese Borderlands.

Banerjee, Pallavi and Chen, Xiangming

Measuring Social, Cultural, and Civic Integration in Canada: The Creation of an Index and Some Applications

Wong, Lloyd L. and Tézli, Annette

Middle Class Identification in the Modern World: How Politics and Economics Matter

Curtis, Josh

Networks of Neuroscientists: Professional interactions within an interdisciplinary brain research institute.

Godley, Jenny, Keith A. Sharkey and Samuel Weiss

Paradoxes of Patriarchy: South Asian Women in Ethnic Labor Markets, in Immigrant Women Workers in the Neoliberal Age. Nilda Flores Gonzales, Anna Romina Guevarra, Grace Chang and Maura Toro-Morn (eds.),

Banerjee, Pallavi in

Physician Coping Styles and Emotional Exhaustion

Wallace, Jean and Lemaire, J.

Planning Your Time in Retirement: How to Cultivate a Leisure Lifestyle to Suit Your Needs and Interests

Stebbins, Robert

Post-Secondary Students’ Views on Health: Support for individual and social health determinants

Shyleyko, Robert and Godley, Jenny

“Public Opinion on Redistribution in Canada, 1980-2000: The Role of Political and Economic Context”. In Keith Banting and John Myles (eds). Inequality and the Fading of Redistributive Politics. Victoria: UBC Press. Pp. 141-164.

Curtis, Josh and Andersen, Robert

Public Pedagogy, Private Lives: Self-Help Books and Adult Learning

McLean, Scott

Rez Style: Themes of Resistance in Canadian Aboriginal Rap Music

Manzo, John and Potts, J. Jesse

Serious Leisure and Individuality

Stebbins, Robert and Cohen-Gewerc, Elie

Social Relationships, Well Being and Career Commitment: Exploring Cross-Domain Benefits of Social Relationships

Wallace, Jean

The Committed Reader: Reading for Utility, Pleasure and Fulfillment in the Twenty-First Century

Stebbins, Robert

Transnationalism, Knowledge Circulation, and Equality: High-Tech Immigrants and Temporary Workers in Canada's New Economy

Wong, Lloyd and Froschauer, Karl in Ilcan, Suzan Mobilities, Knowledge and Social Justice

Using Evidence-Based Approaches in Recreation Program Planning for Children and Youth

Sheehan, Dwyane P., Scott, Sue, Van Wyk, Nadine and MacCallum, Miranda

Who's (really) in charge? Mothers and executive responsibility in 'non-traditional' families

Ranson, Gillian

Work and Leisure in the Middle-East: The Common Ground of Two Separate Worlds

Stebbins, Robert
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