University of Calgary

Publications - 2018


An exploration of the subjective social status construct in patients with acute coronary syndrome.

Tang, K.L., Pilote, L., Behlouli, H., Godley, Jenny and Ghali, W.A.

A Social Network Analysis of Canadian Food Insecurity Policy Actors

McIntyre, Lynn, Jessiman-Perreault, Genevieve, Mah, Catherine and Godley, Jenny

Everyday Discrimination in Canada: Prevalence and Patterns

Godley, Jenny

Experiences of coeliac disease in a changing gluten-free landscape

King, J.A., Kaplan, G.G. and Godley, Jenny

Exploring the Meaning and Experience of Chronic Pain with People Who Live with a Dog: A Qualitative Study

Carr, E.C.J., Wallace, Jean, Onyewuchi., C., Hellyer, P.W. and Kogan, L.

Formats of responsibility: elective surgery in the era of evidence-based medicine

Ducey, Ariel and Nikoo, Shoghi

From Embodied Risk to Embodying Hope: Therapeutic Experimentation and Experiential Information Sharing in a Contested Intervention for Multiple Sclerosis

Mazanderani, Fadhila, Kelly, Jenny and Ducey, Ariel

Gender Theory As Southern Theory

Banerjee, Pallavi and Connell, Raewyn in Risman, Barbara, Froyum, Carissa M and Scarborough, William J Handbook of the Sociology of Gender

Immigration, Racial and Ethnic Studies in 150 Years of Canada

Wong, Lloyd and Guo, Shibao (Eds.)

Immigration, Racial and Ethnic Studies in 150 Years of Canada: An Introduction

Wong, Lloyd and Guo, Shibao in Wong, Lloyd and Guo, Shibao (Eds.) Immigration, Racial and Ethnic Studies in 150 Years of Canada

“I’m not a Person that Reads:” Identity Work, Adult Learners and Educational (Dis)Engagement

McLean, Scott and Dixit, Jaya

Measuring economic exclusion for racialized minorities, immigrants and women in Canada: results from 2000 and 2010

Lightman, Naomi and Good Gingrich, Luann

Social Worlds and the Leisure Experience, 2018

Stebbins, Robert

Strengthening Sustainability Leadership Competencies through University Internships

Meza Rios, M.M, Herremans, I.H., Wallace, Jean, Althouse, N., Lansdale, D. and Preusser, M.

Subversive Self-Employment: Intersectionality and Self-Employment Among Dependent Visas Holders in the United States

Banerjee, Pallavi

The Paradox of Compassionate Work: A Mixed-Methods Study of Satisfying and Fatiguing Experiences of Animal Health Care Providers

Polachek, A.J. and Wallace, Jean

The Parents and Children Project: Raising Kids in Canada Today

Ranson, Gillian

The Power of Positive Thinking: A Hidden Curriculum for Precarious Times

McLean, Scott and Dixit, Jaya

‘Want chips?’: Challenges and lessons learned with recruiting adolescent boys and securing parent/guardian consent for a study on masculinity.

Claussen, Caroline

“What Do Visas Have to Do with Parenting? Middle-Class Dependent Visa Holders and Transcultural Parenting.” in Contemporary Parenting and Parenthood: From News Headlines to New Research. Michelle Janning (ed),

Banerjee, Pallavi in
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