University of Calgary

Publications - 2019


A Profile of Immigrant Health in Calgary

Lightman, Naomi and Sharon M. Stroick

Association of friendships and children’s physical activity during and outside of school: A social network study.

Stearns, JA, Godley, Jenny, Veuglers, PJ, Ekwaru, JP, Bastian, K, Wu, B and Spence, JC

Bonus or burden? Care work, inequality, and job satisfaction in eighteen European countries

Lightman, Naomi and Kevins, Anthony

Entender la Autoayuda. Claves Interdisciplinarias para Analizar una Práctica Cultural en Expansión (Understanding Self-Help: Interdisciplinary Keys for Analyzing a Growing Cultural Practice)

Montes de Oca, Laura and McLean, Scott

Evaluating the Relationship between Well-Being and Living with a Dog for People with Chronic Low Back Pain: A Feasibility Study.

Carr, E.C.J., Wallace, Jean, Pater, R. and Gross, D.P.
Image of Four Unruly Women: Stories of Incarceration and Resistance from Canada's Most Notorious Prison

Four Unruly Women: Stories of Incarceration and Resistance from Canada's Most Notorious Prison

McCoy, Ted

From Getting Ahead to Getting Back on One’s Feet: Performing Masculinity as a Self-Help Reader

McLean, Scott and Vermeylen, Laurie

Immigrant sentiment and labour market vulnerability: economic perceptions of immigration in dualized labour markets

Lightman, Naomi and Kevins, Anthony

Meaningful Work and Well-Being: A Study of the Positive Side of Veterinary Work

Wallace, Jean

Qualitative Study of Owner Perceptions of Chronic Pain in their Dogs

Davis, K.N., Hellyer, P.W., Carr., E.C.J., Wallace, Jean and Kogan, L.R.

Report on the University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grants Program 2014-2019

Akbary, Hamid and Baum, Dixie

Review of Alvin Finkel, "Compassion: A Global History of Social Policy," London, Red Globe Press, 2019. Alberta Views, 22(4), May 2019.

Langford, Tom

"Talking to Sociologists and other Non-Historians"

McCoy, Ted

Tech Guest-Workers and Legal Violence of the Visa Regime.

Banerjee, Pallavi and Rincon, Lina

The migrant in the market: Care penalties and immigration in eight liberal welfare regimes

Lightman, Naomi

The Workers’ Revolt in Western Coal Country

Langford, Tom
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