University of Calgary

Publications - 2020


Architecture as Performance Art: Evaluating "Iconic Power" in the Development of Two Museums

Patterson, Matt

A Scoping Review of the Health and Social Benefits of Dog Ownership for People with Chronic Pain

Carr, E.C.J., Norris, J.M., Hayden, K.A., Pater, R. and Wallace, Jean

Beyond Neglect: Building Colonial Rule in the Kitikmeot, 1916 – 1952

McLean, Scott

Building Citizens by Building Museums: Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario

Patterson, Matt in

Canada's Legal Pasts: New Directions in Legal History

Campbell, Lyndsay, McCoy, Ted and Methot, Mèlanie

Comparing care regimes: Worker characteristics and wage penalties in the global care chain

Lightman, Naomi

Ethnicity and Age at First Sexual Intercourse in Ghana

Teye-Kau, Mabel and Godley, Jenny

From Anatomy to Patient Experience in Pelvic Floor Surgery: Mindlines, Evidence, Responsibility, and Transvaginal Mesh

Ducey, Ariel, Donoso, Claudia, Ross, Sue and Robert, Magali

How semantics connotations may influence concerns about donation of biospecimens

Page, SA, Collisson, BA, Godley, Jenny, Nguyen, D, Metz, L and Murive, D

Identity and Culture in Calgary Chinatown

Patterson, Matt, Kokaritis, Lindsey, Magnussen, Jacey and Yip, Jason

Impact of a farmer's market nutrition coupon programme on diet quality and psychosocial well-being among low-income adults: protocol for a randomised controlled trial and a longitudinal qualitative investigation.

Aktary, M.L., Caron-Roy, S., Sajobi, T., O'Hara, H., Leblanc, P., Dunn, S., McCormack, G.R., Timmins, D., Ball, K., Downs, S., Minaker, L.M., Nykiforuk, C., Godley, Jenny, Milaney, K., Lashewicz, B., Fournier, B., Elliott, C., Raine, K.D., Prowse, R. and Olstad, D.

Incidence of Celiac Disease is Increasing Over Time: A systematic review and meta-analysis

King, James A., Jeong, Jocelyn, Underwood, Fox E., Quan, Joshua, Panaccione, Nicola, Windsor, Joseph W., Coward, Stephanie, deBruyn, Jennifer, Ronksley, Paul E., Shaheen, Abdel-Aziz, Quan, Hude, Godley, Jenny, van Zanten, Sander, Lebwohl, Benjamin, Ng, Siew C., Ludvigsson, Jonas F. and Kaplan, Gilaad G.

Institutional and Contextual Factors that Shape Sociological Teaching Practices: The Importance of Global Collaboration among Sociology Educators

Katherine A. Lyon, Tézli, Annette, Sultan Khan and Sharmla Rama

"Keeping it Halal: The Everyday Lives of Muslim American Teenage Boys” by John O’Brien (2017)

Akbary, Hamid

Making Sense of Vaginal Mesh

Ducey, Ariel, Hoffmaster, Barry, Robert, Magali and Ross, Sue in Mykhalovskiy, Eric, Choiniere, Jacqueline, Armstrong, Hugh and Armstrong, Pat Health Matters: Evidence, Critical Social Science and Health Care in Canada

Motivations and Expectations for Using Cannabis Products to Treat Pain in Humans and Dogs: A Mixed Methods Study.

Wallace, Jean, Kogan, Lori R., Carr, Eloise J. and Hellyer, Peter W.

Pondering Everyday Life: Coordination, Continuity, and Comparison

Stebbins, Robert

Qualitative Barriers of Integration and Access to Settlement Services: The Case of Muslims in Canada and Germany

Akbary, Hamid and Palenberg, Amanda

Revitalization, Transformation, and the 'Bilbao Effect': Testing the local area impact of iconic architectural developments in North America, 2000 to 2009.

Patterson, Matt

Spaces and Places of Exclusion: Mapping Rental Housing Disparities for Toronto’s Racialized and Immigrant Communities

Lightman, Naomi, Wilson, Beth and Good Gingrich, Luann

Status Differences in Interpersonal Strain and Job Resources at Work: A Mixed Methods Study of Animal Health Care Providers

Wallace, Jean and Buchanan, T.

The Serious Leisure Perspective: A Synthesis, 2020

Stebbins, Robert

Veterinary Technicians and Occupational Burnout

Kogan, Lori R., Wallace, Jean, Schoenfeld-Tacher, R., Hellyer, P. W. and Dacvaa, M.

Voices of domestic workers in Calcutta

Ghosh, Sweta and Godley, Jenny
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