University of Calgary

Anne-Marie McLaughlin

  • Associate Professor
  • Aboriginal Issues, Indigenous Education, Rural & Northern Practice
  • Clinical Practice
  • Mental Health
  • Social Justice

Research Interests

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.


Dr. Anne Marie McLaughlin is Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work, and the Associate Director, Academic Central and Northern Region. Her teaching interests include Social Policy, Social Justice, the history of the profession, and Mental Health Practice. Prior to her academic career Anne Marie worked in child welfare, first as a front-line worker and later as a clinical consultant with complex multi-problem cases. She also worked extensively in the field of mental health in rural and northern communities. As the Director of a rural community mental health program for many years she sees herself as a generalist practitioner.

Anne Marie’s current research interests include the integration of social work values and principles into practice, especially social justice. She has examined how social workers think about and pursue social justice in diverse settings including mental health practice and child welfare. She is also interested in the connection between political engagement and social work education. Other research interests include rural practice and child welfare.


PhD, University of Calgary, Calgary Alberta

MSW, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo Ontario

BA, Queen’s University Kingston Ontario

Professional and Community Associations

Active member of the Alberta College of Social Workers. I have been an elected board member and currently sit on the regulatory Registration Committee.

Publications from 2008-Present

Drolet, J., Enns, R., Kreitzer, L., Shankar, J. McLaughlin, A.M. (2017). Supporting the resettlement of a Syrian family in Canada: The social work resettlement practice experience of Social Justice Matters. International Social Work.

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