University of Calgary

David Schriemer

  • Adjunct professor
  • Analytical

Research Interests

Our research is in the field of chemical biology, with an emphasis on the development of novel methods and instrumentation in protein bioanalysis.  We specialize in the use of mass spectrometry for these purposes, as it is one of the most powerful analytical techniques for characterizing molecules at many levels - identity, quantity, structure and dynamics.  Mass spectrometry has made a significant impact in studying the composition of the proteome, but we explore it as a tool for characterizing its assembly. Mass spectrometry-related technologies are developed for this purpose and combined with computational strategies in an effort to generate dynamic models useful for hypothesis-driven testing of mechanism and drug development. Supported by additional biochemical techniques, these hybrid approaches offer the promise of complex structure determination at near-atomic resolution without requiring recombinant protein - a long-term goal of our activities.

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