University of Calgary

Simon Trudel

  • Professor
  • Physical Chemistry

Research Interests

Prof. Trudel's nanomagnetism research group is interested in studying nanoscaled multifunctional materials, wherein magnetism is one of the recurring properties. In particular, we are actively pursuing:

  • The development of synthetic avenues towards size and shape controlled nanostructures. This includes nano -crystals, -rods, -wires, and advanced core/shell nanostructures.
  • The investigation of non-conventional magnetic materials such as nanoscaled coinage metals (Au, Ag, Cu) and materials that are typically diamagnetic (non-magnetic) in the bulk (such as Al2O3, MgO, ZnO nanocrystals). Understanding the origin of these properties, and developing a designer control of them is emphasized.
  • Endowing magnetic nanomaterials with additional properties. For example, photoluminescence may be achieved through doping materials with lanthanide(III) ions. Likewise, other properties such as high spin polarization of the conduction electrons, photomagnetism, and ferroelectricity are targeted.
  • Harvesting the capabilities of these multifunctional magnetic nanomaterials for applications such as magnetic resonance imaging, cancer therapy agents, and spin-based electronic, "spintronic" devices.
  • Using advanced synchrotron methods based on x-ray absorption spectroscopy to characterize these nanomaterials.

Members of the nanomagnetism group become familiar with nanoparticle synthesis methods, electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, SQUID and magneto-optical Kerr effect magnetometry, photoluminescence, as well as x-ray absorption spectroscopy.

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