University of Calgary

Warren Edward Piers

  • Professor
  • CRC Tier 1 Mech_HomogenCatReac
  • Inorganic Chemistry

Research Interests

The research projects in Professor Piers’ laboratory span a broad range of synthetic and mechanistic chemistry, but share a common theme: the chemistry and applications of electron deficient or ‘electrophilic’ compounds, in particular those of the early transition elements and group 13 elements.

Ongoing projects fall into one of three general areas:

  • Inorganometallic Chemistry: The chemistry of compounds with transition metal to heavy main group element bonds is a growing discipline because of the use of these compounds as molecular precursors to advanced materials. We are looking at group 3 and 4 complexes of tin, selenium and tellurium based ligands and their application to organic and inorganic synthesis.
  • Ziegler-Natta Olefin Polymerization: Perhaps the single most important application of early metal organometallics is as catalysts in the production of polyolefins. Our two industrially funded projects in this area are focused on the development of new generation soluble Ziegler-Natta type catalysts.
  • Electrophilic Boranes in Organic Synthesis: Extremely Lewis acidic boranes containing C6F5 groups are being employed stoichiometrically and catalytically in hydroboration, hydrosilation and allylsilation reactions.


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