University of Calgary

Marc Ereshefsky

  • Professor

Current Graduate Students


Soohyun Ahn

Archie Fields III


Chloe Stephenson

Past Graduate Students


2020 Celso Neto

2018 Sinan Sincan

2016 - Alison McConwell

2014 - Brandon Holter

2013 - Makmiller Pedroso, A Critique of Modern Biological Essentialism

2011 - Michael Steiner, An Anti-Realist Theory of Natural Kinds
2010 - Travis Dumsday, Defending an Essentialist Ontology of Kinds, Laws, and Biological Taxa
2008 - Jennifer Runke, Metaphors in Biology
2005 - Jesse Hendrikse, Explanation and Inheritance  
2001 - Jay Odenbaugh, Searching for Patterns, Hunting for Causes: A Philosophical Examination of Mathematical Modeling in Theoretical Ecology
1997 - David Baumslag, A Goal-Oriented Theory of Science
1996 - Mohamed Elsamahi, A Coherentist View of Theory Acceptance 


2012 - Michelle Pham, Consensus and Objectivity in Science
2011 - Shari Monner, The Character Individuation Problem: A Philosophical Study of the Individuation of Characters in Biological Taxonomy
2007 - Sky Coulter, Biological Normality
2007 - Michael Steiner, Scientific Laws
2006 - Clement Loo, Proper Function: Criticisms and Replies
2002 - Shawna Boyle, Genetic Research: Why we do it, Why we should
1998 - Jesse Hendrikse, No Powers, No Causes
1994 - Barrett Wolski, The Grooves of Nature: Dispositions and Natural Kinds



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